Kyland Young (‘Big Brother 23’) exit interview after heated exchange with Xavier Prather: ‘Both of us are competitors’

In the most contentious eviction of the summer, Kyland Young was sent packing on Thursday’s live episode of “Big Brother,” leading to a heated exchange with Head of Household Xavier Prather. Host Julie Chen Moonves ordered Kyland to leave the house after the 29-year old account executive mentioned Xavier’s nephew lacking an honest role model, an opinion Xavier didn’t react well to. “I highly suggest you stop talking about my nephew,” Xavier said before Julie stepped in and demanded that Kyland leave the house.

Kyland was blindsided by Derek Frazier (Big D), who stated he owes nobody but himself anything in this game. As the sole vote to evict this week, Big D decided to move forward with Xavier and Azah Awasum as the final three competing for the $750,000 grand prize. Kyland becomes juror #8 alongside Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, Claire Rehfuss, Sarah Beth Steagall, Derek Xiao and Britney D’Angelo.

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“After the first week I kind of made a strong mental commitment to not let myself be shocked by anything,” Kyland confessed to Julie during his exit interview. “Seeing myself on the block that first week caught me off guard. I [had] to be prepared for that at any time. I [had] lots of reasons to think it wouldn’t happen, but I always knew it could”.

Prior to the Veto being played, Big D asked if he and Kyland were still good for their final two deal, but Kyland refused to reassure him. “It came down to how I wanted to play the game, which is more upfront,” Kyland said. “I understand it’s ‘Big Brother’ and you can do all these things, but there’s not always a need to do it if you don’t have to. I would have been lying to him if I told him upfront because at that time I had made it clear to everyone in the house.”

Despite being evicted, Kyland doesn’t regret not lying to Big D. “I wish I had talked to him a little bit more than I did,” he admitted. “I think there’s an element of lying when you have to. For me, you tend to respect people who only do it when they have to as opposed to doing it when they don’t have to, wanting to be a competitor.”

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Kyland then revealed that he planned to honor his “Gentleman” alliance with Xavier. “I thought we were both on board with the name in terms of being gentlemen,” he said. “Both of us are competitors. Both of us don’t have to make underhanded moves because we can compete. Of course you can do anything in this game, but for me it was just like, I want the first Black winner to win with some honor instead of by any means necessary.”

Was Kyland surprised Xavier didn’t feel the same way? “As soon as he didn’t use the Veto I knew what was happening,” Kyland admitted. “There wouldn’t be any other reason for him not to. In terms of being a competitor and not winning by any means necessary, but winning with some honor and bravery and not in a cowardly way.”

Kyland’s Day 79 eviction was preceded by Hannah on Day 72, Tiffany on Day 72, Alyssa on Day 65, Claire on Day 65, Sarah Beth on Day 58, Derek X. on Day 51, Britini on Day 44, Christian Birkenberger on Day 37, Whitney Williams on Day 30, Brent Champagne on Day 23, Brandon “Frenchie” French on Day 16 and Travis Long on Day 9. Azah, Derek F. and Xavier will compete for the $750,000 grand prize to be awarded on Wednesday, September 29.

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