Chris Rosen has the AUDACITY to pick ‘Promising Young Woman’ to win Best Picture Oscar

If my Gold Derby colleague Chris Rosen turns out to be right about “Promising Young Woman” winning the Oscar for Best Picture, am I allowed to throttle him? Is that legal?

Partly, I think Chris is doing this to tease me. He knows how much I adore that film and want it to win, but I don’t have the guts to pick it as the champ. (I’m predicting “The Trial of the Chicago 7.”) Chris feels the same frustration that lots of other pundits feel: If not “Nomadland,” then what?

“My thing is that ‘Nomadland’ is very respected by people who really believe it’s a good movie,” Chris says in our video (watch above) or audio podcast (listen below). “I don’t think there’s anything you can really knock about it, but it just doesn’t feel like there’s enthusiasm for it. I don’t know …”

So he’s going out on a limb for that “Promising Woman” instead.

“I finally switched parties because you made such an impassioned plea for it the last time we talked,” he tells me. “You’ve been such a supporter of it.”

Technically, “Promising Young Woman” is one of only two films that have the five key ingredients you usually need to win Best Picture: nominations for Best Picture, Director, acting, screenplay and editing.

The other movie to pull that off this year is “Nomadland.” Hmmm …

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