‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ 6 episode 10 recap: Which eliminated queen makes it back into the competition in ‘Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown’?

This week on the 6th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” the 9 eliminated queens returned to the stage for the long-promised “game within a game” of the season. The concept was a secret lip-sync smackdown for redemption week by week as each queen was eliminated, with the last remaining queen positioned to re-enter the competition in a new final five. All was revealed to Rajah O’Hara, Ginger Minj, Trinity K. Bonet and Kylie Sonique Love back stage as they watched it play out like binge watching a wrestling tournament, dreading the fact that they are no longer the official top four.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute recap of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 6 episode 10 to find out who fought their way back into the competition in “Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown.” All Stars 6 is airing this summer on Paramount+ with new episodes added to the streaming service every Thursday at 3 am ET.

01 min – As we saw at the tail end of last week’s episode, Eureka was the final queen to be stopped from exiting the Werk Room after her elimination. RuPaul Charles asked her to return to the main stage and prepare for the lip sync of her life. Some time after that, the supposed final four returned and went about their business as usual. Opening the lipstick box, they discovered that everyone voted to eliminate Eureka, but with one for Trinity it seemed that Eureka had voted for her to go. Rajah also admitted to having picked Eureka, saying that she was doing well, but hadn’t pushed it hard enough to win a challenge.

03 min – Celebrations were short-lived for the four queens though because soon enough Ru’s voice sounded the alarm. Carson Kressley then appeared on screen welcoming them to the “RuPaul’s Secret Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown,” the game within a game that has been hinted since the premiere. As expected, the finalists were not only nervous, but also frustrated at the prospect of one of the queens they sent home coming back into the competition.

05 min – Carson explained that each week a queen was eliminated they were secretly battling each other in a lip-sync to find their way back into the competition. That’s right, all nine chopped queens were eligible to compete and only one of them would rejoin the group as a 5th queen. Via the Werk Room screen, Carson hosted a viewing party of that Smackdown for the remaining queens to see.

08 min – Smackdown 1 was Serena ChaCha vs. Jiggly Caliente to En Vogue’s anthem “Free Your Mind.” Serena came prepared with pigtails and a tear-away gown that provided a lot of moments for her to standout against Jiggly’s more contained performance. Despite what seemed like a more impressive performance from Serena, Ru declared Jiggly the winner of the battle and sent Serena home for good. The queens backstage agreed that Jiggly “ate” that battle and deserved to stay for a chance to go up against the next eliminated queen.

14 min – Smackdown 2 was Jiggly vs. Silky Nutmeg Ganache to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Hilariously both queens had put on their finest leopard print, bonding over how it seemed the competition was trying to send all the big girls home early. In the battle, Jiggly brought a lollipop to use as a microphone and a prop to seduce. Silky brought her own props in the shape of a whole bar set in her cleavage to prepare herself a drink and then down the entire thing live on stage. Both queens put in a strong effort to get the win, but Ru had to choose only one. Backstage, Trinity predicted the win for Silky while Ginger thought Jiggly pulled out another win, but Ru’s opinion that Silky won was the only one that mattered. And so we said goodbye to Jiggly.

20 min – Smackdown 3 was Silky vs. Yara Sofia to Exposé’s “Point of No Return.” This time Silky left the rocks glass at home and instead tore away a coat to reveal a sequined and hassled jumpsuit while Yara presented her own reveal to a sexy bodysuit that she played up with sexual gestures. Eventually Silky pulled out another drink, but this time a bottle of water that she poured all over herself at the back of the stage. This time we got a two-time winner in Silky, sending Yara home for the final time.

26 min – Smackdown 4 was Silky vs. Scarlet Envy to Cher’s “Song for the Lonely.” The dance ballad served up something different than the previous battles, giving the queens room to emote instead of relying on so many tricks. Still, Silky came prepared yet again with a flag twirling moment that completely drowned out Scarlet’s prop-less presentation. Once again, Silky was declared the winner and so it was a sashay away for Scarlet.

33 min – Smackdown 5 was supposed to be Silky vs. A’Keria C. Davenport, but when no one was revealed to be Silky’s opponent Ru explained that A’Keria turned down the invitation to return. The revelation shocked everyone, but thankfully we got to see footage of A’Keria learning the news of the challenge and “respectfully decline” the offer to protect herself from feeling the disappointment of being eliminated once again. She explained that she already won because she gets to take what she’s learned so far and apply it to the next journey. A’Keria’s decision meant that Silky would move forward by default, but she asked to lip sync for her legacy anyway. And so, we were treated to a solo performance from Silky to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” And thank the heavens we got that because Silky did NOT disappoint. Her garment was a Barbie-Ken split look and she switched between the two depending on which character was singing the lyrics at any given moment. There’s no way she would have lost!

40 min – Smackdown 6 was Silky vs. Jan to Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.” Jan looked gorgeous in a villainous all black look, but Silky did not come to play in a huge pink number that clearly had something hidden underneath it. Jan was dressed to impress and brought the moves (like a full runway slide into the stage lights), and Silky’s slide-split and reveal to a blue jumpsuit wasn’t cutting it until she pulled out a golden guitar and began playing it all over the stage, even with her teeth and smashing it at the end! This was easily the most competitive lip sync so far, making Ru’s decision to eliminate Jan incredibly tough. Silky won again!

47 min – Smackdown 7 was Silky vs. Pandora Boxx to Ariana Grande’s “Focus.” Silky’s sensible sneaker was appropriate for the song and though the song was not in the wheelhouse we’d expect for Pandora, she kept pace with a fully ready Silky. Pandora’s best moments were when she brought comedy in the chorus, but Silky came through serving body and choreo that sent her all over the stage. This time, even without the props on deck, Silky still won!

54 min – The determining Smackdown 8 was Silky vs. Eureka to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” Leaving a trail of potato chip crumbs in her wake, Silky’s plan for a reveal from her blown up black jumpsuit was delayed just long enough to leave Eureka fighting for her life with kicks, splits and dips all over the place. Silky’s reveal to a black body suit was stalled by costume mishap — the black robe was stuck on her and caught on her foot even when she did a split.

60 min – Before we could see Ru’s decision, the feed cut and the four remaining queens (and us!) were left in the dark about whether Eureka or Silky would be joining them for the final stretch of the competition.

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