‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ 6 episode 2 recap: Which queen fails to shoot her shot after walking in ‘The Blue Ball’?

To kick off the 6th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” host RuPaul Charles warned us that there would be a “game with a game” and a “twist so twisted [the all stars] will never see it coming.” We learned in the premiere that once again queens would lip sync against assassins, vote each other for elimination, and that once booted from the show could have a chance to re-enter. For the premiere roll out of episodes on Thursday, June 24th via Paramount+ we got two episodes at once.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute recap of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 6 episode 2 to find out who was top queen in “All Star Variety Extravaganza” and which lip sync assassin they performed against. In episode 1, Yara Sofia went head-to-head against Coco Montrese, but lost, and the safe queens’ choice for elimination, Serena ChaCha, was sent home. All Stars 6 is airing this summer on Paramount+ with new episodes added to the streaming service every Thursday at 3 am ET.

02 min – Following Serena’s elimination, Trinity K. Bonet was relieved to have yet another chance to prove herself in the competition, but the rest of the queens needed to know who, if anyone, had selected to send her home instead of Serena. With only one lipstick with Trinity’s name on it, obviously Serena had chosen that and so it meant that the rest of the cast wanted Trinity to remain. That being said, Yara had chosen Trinity as the queen she would have eliminated had she defeated Coco in the lip sync. Yes, it was an awkward situation for Yara to be in, but Trinity said there’s no hard feelings in the game that they’re playing and privately considered it to mean Yara sees her as a bigger threat than Serena was.

06 min – The next day the standard conversation of “trade of the season” came up with both Jan and Eureka claiming the title for themselves, but A’Keria C. Davenport and Jiggy Caliente claimed that “trade” refers to an air of masculinity and danger in someone so they don’t qualify. Ru swooped in just in time to present the next maxi challenge, a three-look “Blue Ball” consisting of one blue collar working girl look, a denim look, and a created-from-scratch look created from an assortment of all blue materials.

10 min – Among the materials the queens had to work with for their creation was oven mitts and rubber gloves, straws, moving blankets, and sponges. Jan’s idea was to play off of what she did in the ball of her original season, but Scarlet Envy cautioned her against that in the spirit of it being a new season. Jiggly felt at a loss after seeing all the other queens pulling the best unconventional materials, but her anxiety was tame compared to Ra’Jah O’Hara who was facing the reality that she went home last time in this same type of challenge. Coming off her win last week and knowing how well she did in creation challenges in her previous season, Yara was confident in her chances to return to the lip sync for your legacy for the second week in a row.

14 min – During Ru’s routine check-in he wanted to know from Eureka how all her success had changed her drag. It was clear that Eureka was more confident in her craft and that her size does not shy her away from becoming a look queen. Ru noticed the different energy and maturity in Jiggly compared to how she was eight years ago, stressing that her spot in the competition this time is going to inspire the confidence in other people to also discover themselves. Ra’Jah was ready to be her own authentic self, shedding the villain edit she earned for herself previously and Ru clocked her for going home in a design challenge as well.

20 min – The next day the chatter of the Werk Room was that Yara was hiding what her plans for the looks were, with the other girls knowing that she can be crazy and outside the box, but cautiously considering that she might be struggling. Once again the topic of strategy came up in voting for elimination, but the consensus was that they should all make their own decision despite everyone’s definition of “integrity” being different. When the idea of friendships came up, all voices went silent because no one wanted to come out and say that it will most definitely factor into any decision they’re asked to make.

24 min – Joining Ru at the judges panel for “The Blue Ball” was Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and guest judge Big Freedia. First to walk in “Blue Betta Work” was Ra’Jah as a project manager construction worker wearing yellow overalls, followed by Kylie Sonique Love in a denim carpenter jumpsuit, Eureka as a demure crossing guard, Jan dressed in black rubber tires fashion into a bodysuit, Jiggly in a sanitation-inspired dress and trash can hat, Silky Nutmeg Ganache in red sequins as a milk maid, Scarlet in brown with circular saws on the seams, A’Keria as a “sexy welder” with her arm stuck in a fake pipe, Pandora Boxx in cafeteria and diner employee blue, Yara with her oversized chest plate and a hammer-holding construction worker, Ginger Minj in glam overalls as plumber, and Trinity in pants and an orange shirt also as a crossing guard.

29 min – For the “Blue Jean Baby” category, Ra’Jah walked in a Mary J. Blige inspired female “pimp” look, Kylie went with a Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears look from the early 2000s, Eureka had on a dark denim coat gown, Jan fashioned a jumpsuit shaped as a patchwork star, Jiggy wore oversized denim pants and a white tee, Silky returned in red as a fringed cowgirl in chaps, Scarlet went Americana to reclaim the flag for queer people, A’Keria had a dark denim lace-up pantsuit on, Pandora took it country with a Dolly Parton impersonation look, Yara showed body in low rise jeans and a halter top, Ginger kept it simple in a full denim jumpsuit and thigh high boots, and Trinity closed with a 70s inspired bellbottom suit.

33 min – And for the “Blue Ball Bonanza” design category, Ra’Jah showed off a futuristic look made from a packing blanket, Kylie kept it star-spangled in another early 2000s look, Eureka went short in a simple dress made of baby blue fabric, Jan repurposed blue roses into a mini-dress, Jiggly created a t-shirt dress with ribbons and fringe, Silky showed off pants and a cape made from quilts, Scarlet created a form-fitted gown out of glitter poster board and fabric, A’Keria turned blue plastic cups and shower curtains into a mini dress, Pandora used blue ribbons to make a cute little dress, Yara made a pageant dress using tarps, Ginger made a raincoat from shower curtains, and Trinity ended the ball with a Cinderella gown from shimmering baby blue fabric.

38 min – The queens selected as the tops and bottoms of the episode were Ra’Jah, Kylie, Eureka, Jiggly, A’Keria and Yara. The judges were big fans of everything that Ra’Jah wore because of the difference in silhouettes and her attention to detail. Kylie also got high marks for committing so well to her inspiration and managing to layer without being messy. Michelle really loved Eureka’s crossing guard look and Carson appreciated the touch of humor in all of her looks. Freedia thought her being a big girl in such a small final look was really bold and confident. On the flip side, Jiggly underwhelmed due to the simplicity of her final two looks despite painting her face so well. A’Keria had fun looks that the judges appreciated, but didn’t understand completely and so her low marks were due to confusion. That being said, they loved her final look for its creativity. Similarly, Yara left the judges completely confused and distracted and Carson thought that overall there was just too much going on. After considering it for a second, Ra’Jah was declared the top queen of the week while Jiggly and Yara were left in the bottom.

45 min – Backstage, Yara was frustrated that she had fallen into the bottom and was resistant to begging to be kept around. In her conversation with Ra’Jah she said that she’s committed to her style and vowed to learn from all the critiques she receives. Jiggly told the safe queens that she knows she’s not a seamstress and pleaded for her chance to reveal a new, proud and confident version of herself. Yara refused to “kiss ass” to the safe queens, but managed to get emotional when asking the girls to consider what they already know of who she is. Jiggly was still emotional when she met with Ra’Jah to point out that her ball looks were clearly inspired and even offered to share her Netflix password.

49 min – Before voting, the safe queens once again contemplated the idea of friendships and warned against choosing relationships over performance because eventually that could bite them in their own ass. In the voting booth, they all seemed torn between their decision between the lipsticks, but the only votes we saw were Trinity against Yara and Ginger against her friend Jiggly.

52 min – Back on stage, Ra’Jah’s opponent was unveiled to be the lip sync assassin and season 11 co-star Brooke Lynn Hytes. They performed against one another to Janet Jackson‘s “Miss You Much,” the perfect song to give a choreo-heavy performance to. Considering her past lip syncs, Brooke kept it pretty tame while Ra’Jah was ready to hit the floor with splits and dips more readily than her. By the end, Brooke had turned up the volume, but Ra’Jah kept pace and left Ru and the other judges screaming with delight. Ultimately, Ru could not choose between the two and declared a tie. That meant Ra’Jah still claimed the $20,000 cash tip and thanked Brooke for the iconic presentation. With a tie, Ru pointed out that the queen or queens on the two lipsticks would go home, potentially setting up a double elimination. Ra’Jah revealed the lipstick for Jiggly and Brooke revealed the lipstick for the group choice Jiggly. That meant that Jiggly’s time was up and Yara would remain in the competition for another week.

59 min – Like Serena last week, Ru surprised Jiggly with the teaser of a chance to remain in the competition, but gave us no new details on what that process might look like. Until next week!

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