‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ 6 episode 3 recap: Which queen fails to get credit for her extra work in ‘Side Hustles’?

This week on the 6th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” we’re back to the normal one-episode-a-week schedule after the two-part premiere installments on June 24. After the eliminations of Serena ChaCha and Jiggly Caliente in those first episodes, host RuPaul Charles warned them that there would be a “game with a game,” suggesting that they weren’t fully eliminated yet. We also learned in the premiere that once again the queens would lip sync against assassins and cast votes against each other for elimination. In July 1’s third episode the queens were grouped together to film adverts for their “Side Hustles,” a challenge designed to test their acting, line-reading skills and overall comedic talent on screen.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute recap of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 6 episode 3 to find out who put in that good work for the “Side Hustles” group challenge and which queen joined Serena and Jiggly in “game within a game” limbo. In episode 1, Yara Sofia went head-to-head against Coco Montrese, but lost, and the safe queens’ choice for elimination, Serena, was sent home. In episode 2, Queen of the North and Canada’s Drag Race judge Brooke Lynn Hytes tied with challenge winner Ra’Jah O’Hara in the lip sync, and both held the lipsticks that signaled Jiggly’s elimination.

All Stars 6 is airing this summer on Paramount+ with new episodes added to the streaming service every Thursday at 3 am ET.

02 min – Following Jiggly’s elimination, the remaining queens gathered in the Werk Room to congratulate Ra’Jah on her $20,000 cash tip for tying Brooke Lynn in the lip sync and to check the lipsticks cast in the vote. In the end of the count there were two lipsticks for Yara while the rest were for Jiggly. Trinity K. Bonet openly confessed to casting a vote against Yara by defending Jiggly’s efforts in the challenge despite struggling to make a garment while Yara fooled around until the last minute. Kylie Sonique Love didn’t buy it and suggested that Trinity cast that vote in retaliation for Yara voting against Trinity previously, but regardless of the reason it set Trinity apart from the rest of the cast. The more shocking revelation was that Ginger Minj had voted her good friend Jiggly out!

07 min – The next day Ru arrived to present this week’s maxi challenge, “Side Hustles,” where the queens would be grouped together to film commercials promoting unique extra jobs. To divide the girls into teams, Ru had them line up from shortest to tallest, leaving Ginger, A’Keria C. Davenport, Jan and Silky Nutmeg Ganache as the “Rent-a-Queen Service” team, Trinity, Pandora Boxx, Yara and Ra’Jah as the “Drag Fixers” team, and Kylie, Scarlet Envy and Eureka as the “Drag Exorcists” team.

10 min – During the planning stage for their adverts, Pandora’s team seemed to have a leg up considering she had worked in the local commercial-making space previously in her career. The group also had very similar ideas for how their concept would work, but Trinity remained anxious about Yara’s ability to focus and perform up to par with the others. Scarlet’s group also got off to a good start with their “Exor-Size Queens” idea of merging exercising and exorcising into one concept, but showgirl Kylie felt nervous about the different sort of skills that she’d have to employ for a challenge like this. Things got tricky for Silky on her team once it became clear that Ginger, Jan and A’Keria were all vibing in the same overcomplicated way, but she was determined to not return to the type A personality that she got read for in her original season and so she sat back and went with their ideas.

15 min – Later the queens hit the set to film with directors Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews. Trinity took direction really well and got positive feedback from Michelle and Ross while Yara was her classic over-the-top self and Ra’Jah and Pandora came off rather reserved. In her group, Kylie required direction in order to get her on the same playing field as Scarlet and Eureka and at one point their script required a rewrite due to the confusion of the phrase “your three first-borns.” And in the final group, A’Keria struggled with her line-readings in what turned out to be more scenes and costume changes all around than Michelle and Ross were expecting. Silky realized that at the end of the filming she was only given three lines and became worried she might fade into the background of the group.

24 min – While putting on makeup for the main stage, Silky opened up to A’Keria and Ra’Jah about how the reaction to her performance during her original season impacted her confidence. She explained that promoters, fans and colleagues all reacted poorly to who they thought she was because of the show and that coming to this season was an opportunity for her to change that perception. That put weight and pressure on Silky to behave and perform in a certain way this time around that this week put her too far into her head.

26 min – On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle, Ross and this week’s special guest judge Tia Mowry. Before seeing the commercials, the queens walked the stage in a “Ru-demption Runway” category as a chance to do-over fashion fails from their former seasons. Kylie reworked her Lady Gaga “Snatch Game” outfit into a pink feather duster jumpsuit, Scarlet took her entrance look and created a more elaborate art toga-gown, Eureka remixed her faux fur look into a better pink and yellow bodysuit, and Ra’Jah took another shot at the farm-to-runway look with a great brown gown and real leaf headpiece. Pandora redid a dress from All Stars 2 into a matronly blue gown, Yara recreated a promo look into a gorgeous one-legged black lace pant-gown and Trinity did something similar with a black beaded gown inspired from her own promo look. Jan’s entrance look was remade into a jersey gown, Ginger made a new space outfit from silver fabric, Silky created another disco look with beautiful red tassels, and A’Keria changed up her caftan look into a beautiful sheer look.

31 min – In the “Exor-Size Queens” commercial, Kylie and Scarlet paired so well as the exercising gurus attending to a very Divine-esque Eureka who was possessed be a demon in bed. The concept worked really well and told a clear story from start to finish. In the “Fix It Bitch” ad, all four queens came across as professional and perfectly cast in their roles. Overall the idea was clear and concise while also dropping a handful of innuendos and jokes that made sense. And in the “RAQ Escort Service” video, while professional and with a lot of variation, the overall vibe was too dry and included too many ideas.

38 min – To assess the queens, Ru clarified that they would all be judged as teams rather than individuals. With that in mind, team “Fix It Bitch” was named the top team and Trinity was declared the overall winner as the single top performer. That meant she, Ra’Jah, Pandora and Yara were all safe, and the remaining seven would remain on stage to hear critiques.

39 min – Kylie got high marks for her recreation and the judges told her she came across really well on screen, though Michelle still cautioned her to push herself further in order to keep up with the other girls. Tia thought that Scarlet gave a very lived in, natural performance that allowed her to enjoy watching her. Michelle read Eureka for a runway look that crowded her upper body and neck too much, but Tia said that it’s clear she is born with the gift of comedy. While the judges did think Jan’s look was elevated from the previous version, Michelle did not like the wig and Ross said that she can’t always be a team player if she wants to stick out from the crowd. With Ginger, the judges were not entirely on board with the redemption look, but it was clear that they all believe her to be the most professional and committed actor in the entire cast. Ross wasn’t sure how Silky’s new look related to the former one, but admitted that it’s gorgeous and the best she’s ever looked. Tia and Michelle acknowledged that Silky had a lot to do in the commercial, but noticed that a spark may have been missing from her. With A’Keria they agreed that she came across as nervous in the commercial, knowing that she struggled to remember the lines which prevented her from showing the “more” that Tia would have liked to see. Based on those critiques, Ru had no choice but to name the RAQ girls as the bottom group, all vulnerable to elimination, while Kylie, Scarlet and Eureka would be safe.

45 min – When they returned back stage, the four bottom queens immediately started defending their placement in the bottom. Ginger actually made what came off as a cruel joke when she congratulated Jan on not being safe for the first time, teasing Trinity who became upset that no one had paused to congratulate her on her first ever challenge win. Quickly (and awkwardly) the group toasted to Trinity, but just as quickly the bottom four queens returned to pitching their case for why they should stay. One by one they sat with Trinity to explain themselves, but Trinity assured Jan, Silky and A’Keria that they had nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Trinity was not so reassuring to Ginger who got the feeling that Trinity would likely eliminate her.

51 min – In the voting booth we saw Ginger and Silky vote for A’Keria and A’Keria vote for Silky, but all else (including Trinity’s solo choice) was kept secret. Back on stage, Trinity met her lip sync opponent in the form of a jump-into-a-split entrance from Laganja Estranja. To determine the winner and who would be eliminated, the two faced off to the Dua Lipa bop “Physical.” Just as she entered, Laganja used spins, dips, splits, cartwheels and other perfectly timed tricks to enhance what was a fully-realized performance. Trinity kept it much cooler, yet well-paced with her own choreography that matched the song really well. By the end, Laganja was stripped down and exhausted from a high impact performance, earning herself the win. That meant the group decision would determine the elimination, and this week the vote went to Silky. But just as before, as Silky prepared her exit from the Werk Room, Ru arrived on screen to tease that the competition was not over for her yet.

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