‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ 6 episode 8 recap: Which queen falls hard in ‘Snatch Game of Love’?

This week on the 6th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” the six remaining all stars put on their best celebrity drag in the dating show version of the iconic “Snatch Game.” Like the original version of the game, “Snatch Game of Love” tests the queens’ skills at impersonation and pop culture relevancy, as well as improv and comedic characterization. As standard for this season, the challenge results in one top performing queen and a set of bottom queens for the week. The top queen lip syncs against a secret assassin for the chance to choose which of the bottom gals should be eliminated. If the assassin wins, a group vote determines a consensus choice to leave instead.

In episode 1, Yara Sofia went head-to-head against Coco Montrese, but lost, and the safe queens’ choice for elimination, Serena, was sent home. In episode 2, Queen of the North and Canada’s Drag Race judge Brooke Lynn Hytes tied with challenge winner Ra’Jah O’Hara in the lip sync, and both held the lipsticks that signaled Jiggly’s elimination. Then at the end of episode 3, Laganja Estranja shablammed her way to a win over Trinity K. Bonet and pulled the group choice lipstick to eliminate Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Jessica Wild returned to the show in episode 4 to battle Jan, defeating her to a Britney classic and sending Yara home based on the safe queen vote. Episode 5 culminated in a battle between Ginger Minj and Mayhem Miller that resulted in Ginger sending Scarlet Envy home and in episode 6, A’Keria C. Davenport succumbed to Kylie Sonique Love‘s decision to send her home after earning that right beating Manila Luzon in the lip sync. By the end of episode 7, Trinity became the first tw0-time challenge winner, but lost to lip sync assassin Alexis Mateo who announced that the safe queens tied between Pandora Boxx and Jan. The tie meant that Trinity must break it, and she chose to say goodbye to Jan.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute recap of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 6 episode 8 to find out who didn’t secure the man in “Snatch Game of Love.” All Stars 6 is airing this summer on Paramount+ with new episodes added to the streaming service every Thursday at 3 am ET.

02 min – After snatching her second win, and the first second win of the season, Trinity became the frontrunner, but Ginger was quick to point out that even in two wins Trinity hasn’t won a lip sync. Naturally, Pandora wanted to know why Trinity saved her, to which Trinity said that she’s put in a lot of work for the competition and deserves her spot. That being said, Trinity challenged Pandora to speak louder and stand up for herself in all of the remaining challenges. Because of the tie, the girls wanted to see who voted for who, revealing that Eureka and Ginger were the two that voted to send Pandora home. As a friend of Pandora’s Ginger said that she went off the challenge itself, but Pandora called it “a load of crap” considering Jan had been in the bottom for the third time.

07 min – The next day Ru arrived in the Werk Room to present this week’s maxi challenge: the reimagining of the legendary “Snatch Game” challenge “Snatch Game of Love.” When Ru revealed that the special guest judge would be Tina Knowles Lawson, frontrunner (officially) and Beyonce stan Trinity lost her mind (naturally).

09 min – The talk of the room quickly turned to who would impersonate who, with Ginger as the one everyone had their eye on after her two successful Snatch Game performances in past seasons. For her third time at the game, Ginger declared she’d be comedian Phyllis Diller. Eureka chose drag superstar Divine and Pandora chose Kim Cattrall, both of whom felt haunted by successful runs in their original seasons while also eyeing their first challenge wins of the season.

12 min – When Ru revisited the girls for a check-in, Trinity told her that she’s mastered the body language and mannerisms of her planned impersonation, Whitney Houston, but admitted that she isn’t the quickest at improv. We also learned that Kylie would be Dolly Parton this time around, determined to try again after becoming the “Snatch Game’s” first victim when it debuted in season 2 and she was eliminated. When Ra’Jah mentioned that she’d La Toya Jackson, Ru clarified that they’ve been good friends for over 20 years, setting Ra’Jah up for great success or a huge failure.

17 min – In the first round of “Snatch Game of Love,” Ginger as Phyllis, Trinity as Whitney, and Kylie as Dolly were the first contestants vying to snatch the love of Cheyenne Jackson. Straight away it was clear that both Ginger and Kylie had planned out successful one-liners to drop and were able to go tit-for-tat against each other in improv. Trinity failed to make a positive impression, but provided a ton of fodder for the other two to play off of. Her most embarrassing moment was stalling in the second question, incapable of even providing an answer. Ultimately, Cheyenne chose Phyllis as his love snatch.

25 min – In the second round, Eureka as Divine, Pandora as Kim, and Ra’Jah as La Toya were on stage to win over Fortune Feimster‘s heart. In this group, Eureka dominated the other two by incorporating herself into all of their commentary, but often sucking up a lot of the energy. Ra’Jah’s more laidback approach to La Toya proved an unexpected hit with Ru, but Pandora’s predictable “Sex and the City” jokes as Kim fell really flat. Deciding to not choose one of the snatchlorettes, Fortune instead decided to propose to Cheyenne.

33 min – The next day, as the queens got ready for the runway, Ra’Jah felt okay about her performance, but acknowledged that some of her jokes didn’t land. Kylie was proud to consider herself a contender for the top alongside Ginger, but Pandora and Trinity both knew that they were likeliest to be on the chopping block while also considering that Eureka’s energy on stage was weird and could land her in the bottom as well. Eureka defended her “line-crossing” as Divine as part of being such an outrageous person.

36 min – As previously mentioned, Ru was joined on the main stage by Tina, as well as series regulars Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley. For this week’s runway the category was “Pop Art.” Ginger opened in a printed and hand-ironed cartoon dress with her own face on it, Kylie wore a tightly-fitted yellow and pink gown, and Eureka also went mod with a circle dress with faces all over it. Pandora was the third queen to walk with faces all over her comic strip-inspired dress, Ra’Jah switched it up by putting her face only once on the back of her purple coat, and Trinity interpreted pop art through modern revolution with a Black Lives Matter look.

39 min – During critiques, Michelle told Ginger she “nailed it” for being so committed as Phyllis and Carson said that she smartly listened to the other queens which allowed her to get a lot of jokes in. Tina called Trinity’s outfit “stunning” and appreciated her incorporation of the BLM movement and statement into pop art. Carson did not like her Whitney interpretation, noting that it was so hard for her to keep up with Ginger and Kylie who were excelling. Kylie earned high marks again, both for her “beautiful” runway look and for surprising the judges by pushing herself in the comedic zone. Carson appreciated Eureka’s runway look, and Tina called her Divine characterization “true art” while Michelle said not all of her jokes landed despite her big swings. The judges also loved Pandora’s runway presentation, but Michelle noted that she put herself in a small box as Kim because the jokes became very one-note. Last, Ra’Jah took a hit from Carson and Tina for not being as pop art as the other queens and Michelle thought that she could have gone “way further” as La Toya. Carson pointed out though that Ra’Jah had Ru laughing which is ultimately all that matters anyway.

45 min – Based on the critiques, Ru decided that this week’s winner was Ginger, putting her on par with Trinity as a two-time challenge winner. In the bottom this week was Trinity and Pandora, up for elimination by Ginger or the votes of Eureka, Ra’Jah and Kylie. Backstage, Trinity admitted that she’s not quick and witty, but she doesn’t want anyone to think that she’s given up. Privately, Trinity made it clear to Ginger that she has two wins while Pandora has two times in the bottom without a win, but Ginger said she was disappointed in Trinity’s lack of fight in the challenge. Pandora told the safe queens that she could have “done more” in the challenge, but Eureka took issue with the times that Pandora insinuated that she was overwhelmed by Divine’s presence on stage. Pandora took her comments back and accepted that the onus for her placement in the bottom was all her own. Ginger seemed much more receptive to Pandora’s argument to stay, but did say that she still hasn’t made up her mind.

54 min – Back on the main stage, Ginger met her lip sync assassin opponent Heidi N Closet for a rendition of Sheena Easton‘s “Sugar Walls.” Because Heidi provides a more agile and acrobatic performance with splits and slides, Ginger did as Ginger does which is to play off of her opponent with comedic overtones. Through yelps of laughter for Ginger, Ru declared Ginger a winner once again. With Ginger’s win came the responsibility of revealing the queen that she alone chose to eliminate and that was Pandora. Disheartened that she didn’t fulfill her goal in her third time on the show, Pandora exited but not before being stopped by Ru with the threat of the mysterious “game within a game” that we still know nothing about.

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