‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ 2 episode 4 recap: One queen awakens a new aspect of her personality while another is put to bed in ‘Morning Glory’

Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” the queens were pitted against their best friends in “Who wore it best” head-to-heads on the runway. Resident Baroness of Basic, Tia Kofi, lost her face off against Veronica Green while previous challenge winner Asttina Mandella came up short against Bimini Bon-Boulash. Asttina was ready to show off her strengths in a lip sync, but in a shocker was outperformed by Tia and eliminated. Funny girl Lawrence Chaney rebounded in the other direction, going from a low score the previous week to challenge winner.

RuPaul Charles is back again to host the second season of the UK series alongside her longtime friend and collaborator Michelle Visage. They’re joined on the panel by entertainment legends Alan Carr and Graham Norton, as well as a collection of guest judges throughout the season. Read below for our recap of episode 4 to find out how the queens fare in daytime talk spoof “Morning Glory”:

The realization that the girl many of them thought was a frontrunner in the competition had just been eliminated left everyone on edge. A’Whora was slightly miffed that she didn’t win the design challenge, but was thankful that Asttina’s departure left an easier path for her to get to the end. That didn’t stop her from throwing jabs at Tia who each week she’s been saying should go home. Ginny Lemon was also wound tightly, and took issue with Lawrence’s chatty mouth, but that just seemed like a bit of jealousy brewing.

The next morning, Tayce was ready to re-up the conversation about Tia’s lack of style on the runway, saying that she still needs to level up in order to disprove everyone’s opinion that she’s basic. A’Whora chimed in to say that she actually does think Tia has improved, but that was hard for Tia to receive considering how superficial A’Whora has presented herself so far.

When Ru arrived it was to run this week’s mini challenge, “The Great British Fake Off.” Each queen had to take a baked good and attempt to sell it to Ru in comedic fashion. While Ellie Diamond and Sister Sister choked on their cakes, Bimini and Lawrence left Ru cinnamon-rolling with laughter. With her intellectual take on humor and some Brexit references, Bimini won the challenge and an advantage in the maxi challenge.

In the maxi, Ru gave the queens a loose script for a morning talk show “Morning Glory” that they’d perform in live, testing their ability to improvise on set. As mini challenge winner Bimini got to choose her role first and the rest of the girls would have to fight it out for the remaining spots. Role selection was orderly and all of the queens got a role that fit their own personalities, except Veronica who willingly sat back to claim whatever role was leftover. In her mind that would give her a challenge that she was happy to prove she could live up to. Interestingly, Tia and A’Whora signed up for a bit together as Essex girls. Tia believed she’d be able to shine in comedy against a fashion queen while A’Whora was ready to prove there’s more under the surface.

Later during check-ins with the girls, Ru wanted to know how Veronica and Sister thought they’d fare as goth girls. Veronica explained her strategy of taking the leftover role and while Ru wasn’t convinced it was a smart choice she was interested to see how it’d turn out for her. On the other side of the room, A’Whora and Tia said it was pleasant to finally get to know each other after avoiding each other previously. They were both in fairly good spirits about it, suggesting that they might actually pull it off together.

The next day the girls arrived on the set of “Morning Glory” to find British daytime host Lorraine Kelly ready to direct them through the show. Her only advice for them ahead of filming was that things always go wrong, but to remember that you just roll with it and move on. The first segment was Bimini and Tayce as the main hosts. They played off one another naturally in a silly “slut shots” bit that allowed them to use their natural sex appeal as an asset. Lorraine especially liked Bimini’s choice to hold her cue cards upside down because it was an attention to detail.

Up next was Veronica and Sister as goth girls offering tips on party planning. From the jump it was rough going for the pair who lacked chemistry. Sister allowed Veronica to eat up most of the time, shying away from letting herself shine and clearly frustrated by Veronica’s flubbing of the scene. After a quick reset with Bimini and Tayce, the baton was passed to Lawrence and Ellie advice-givers. Lawrence was natural in the role of an older Scottish woman, but didn’t overshadow Ellie who fed off Lawrence’s good energy.

The next scene belonged to money-saving experts Tia and A’Whora. Of all the pairs, these two had the best chemistry and managed to share the spotlight with each other equally. While everyone expected Tia to bring the laughs, no one was ready for how funny and apt A’Whora would be at improv. They left Ginny in a tough spot following them, and her slapstick humor translated as confusing and too intense despite an ingenious decision to play her character as a whacky Aussie.

On elimination day morning the girls gathered quickly to reflect on their performances. Everyone agreed that the surprise of the day was Tia and A’Whora working so well together. Meanwhile Veronica was ready to take the blame for her scene with Sister flopping, and Sister was happy to push her further under the bus by agreeing and saying that she threw her off her own game. Later, Sister opened up to Ginny about how her personal insecurities cause her to be reserved rather than pushing herself into the spotlight. Sister explained that the “pressure cooker” of the show makes it hard for her to overcome the obstacle of her inner voices that hold her back from being more expressive.

In front of another mirror, A’Whora decided it was time to apologize to Tia for her past comments about her lack of taste. Tia accepted the apology, hearing for truth that A’Whora’s own insecurity comes from a place of loneliness and not feeling welcomed by others. As someone used to being pulled down by the people in her life, A’Whora acknowledges that she in turn tears others down in order to feel better about herself. It was a really nice connection between two queens that couldn’t be more different from one another and the emotion from A’Whora came across as purely genuine and a legitimate growth moment for her.

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle, Alan and Lorraine for a “Monster Mashup” runway category. First to walk was Veronica in a gorgeously crafted mashup of Medusa and a pig. She was followed by her partner Sister as a curvaceous blue werewolf wrapped up like a mummy. Bimini kept her sex appeal on high temperature as a pin-up devil, Tayce remained glamorous as a bride of Frankenstein mixed with a vampire, and Ginny took a chance as a toxic waste witch in neon. Lawrence brought in a lot of ideas as a butcher wrapped in clothing made from human skin, Ellie was in green and brown as a goblin werewolf, Tia went all in as Medusa as a skeleton voodoo priestess, and A’Whora closed the show as a fashionable zombie with exposed brain.

After their presentation, Ru declared Tayce, Ellie and Tia as safe, leaving the other six on stage as the tops and bottoms of the week. The judges absolutely loved Veronica’s costuming and makeup, but agreed that she didn’t deliver in the improvising challenge and it was clear they hadn’t committed to a plan as a pair. With Sister, they had the same problems regarding her improv performance, but were also let down by a fairly generic monster concept. Alan called Bimini and Tayce’s bit as the glue that kept the morning show together and Lorraine reiterated that she liked her attention to the little things. Michelle detracted though, pointing out that once again Bimini’s runway look was a bit of a mess because of her lack of attention to detail. The judges all told Ginny that her improv failed because it lacked any reference to being a weather girl and that her performance was one manic note throughout. Lawrence was a top performer again for putting together high level efforts in both the improv and the runway presentation. Lorraine finds Lawrence to be “absolutely charming” and Michelle called her runway “fantastic” for being different from everything she’s done before. With A’Whora they were pleased to say that she hit all the right notes and took her Essex girl expertly to the max. Unfortunately they were a little let down by a lack of creativity in her runway look despite it being well put together.

While the judges continued to deliberate on their own, the girls backstage named Veronica as the one most in danger of going home for being the worst overall in the improv challenge. Everyone agreed that A’Whora should be proud of herself this week and she was happy to have finally received feedback. Ginny was torn up over her own critiques because she had high hopes for herself in improv and feared that she was nearing her checking out point. Sister also thought she’d have done better this week and was disappointed in not living up to her own expectations. When it became clear that everyone thought Veronica might go home, Veronica took issue with them and declared that she’s a force to be reckoned with in a lip sync.

Back on stage, Ru was ready to announce the results. Once again, Lawrence was named the challenge winner, the first to win two this season and squeaking it out over A’Whora for the second week in a row. Bimini was also called safe, as was Veronica which surprised everyone. That left besties Sister and Ginny as the bottom two to battle for their spot in the competition in a lip sync to Kim Wilde‘s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” Oddly, Ginny was not in the mood to hang on at all and instead chose to blow a kiss and wave to the judges before exiting backstage via the catwalk. Sister was left in the spotlight to perform the song on her own with the judges cheering her on until the end. Ru was happy to make the only call left to be made, that Sister should stay and Ginny would be eliminated. After the lip sync, Ginny told the camera it was impossible for her to go against her sister in the competition and that it was a choice for herself, and not something she saw as disrespectful or giving up. Sure, Jan. A quit is a quit — bye!

NEXT WEEK: Ru sounds the alarm in the werk room and pauses the competition due to the pandemic worsening at the time of filming.

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