‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ 3 episode 6 recap: Which queens bring star power to ‘Snatch Game’?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” continued this week with another installment of the hit spin-off from across the pond. In last week’s fifth episode, RuPaul Charles asked the queens to name the queen that is most deserving of going home, where Scarlett Harlett learned that most of her friends think her head is no longer in the game. Minutes later, Scarlett took on Charity Kase in the lip sync for the second straight week, this time sending her home.

On Thursday’s sixth episode, we see the fallout of the singling out of Scarlett play out in two classic challenges: Reading Is Fundamental and Snatch Game. Read below for our recap of episode 6 to find out in “Snatch Game”:

Following Charity’s elimination, River Medway got right to the point as the girls sat down to decompress. River asked straight away whether or not anyone thought Charity won the lip sync. Most of the girls said that Scarlett was deserving of the win and that they saw her fight for it, but River said it was a really tough call. Scarlett explained that after hearing all the girls say her name she had a drive to take to the stage and fight for her life. Ella Vaday tried to explain that no one was attacking her and that it wasn’t personal, but Scarlett wasn’t buying it.

When Kitty Scott-Claus asked if any of the other girls felt like they might have to lip sync, Choriza May admitted that she thought her comedy may not have come across in the challenge and that she might go home. That opened the floodgates when Vanity Milan asked Choriza if she thinks her comedy will take her through the entire competition, Choriza asking Vanity if she thins she can learn something from her comedy, Scarlett pointing out that Vanity shaded her comedy, and Vanity coming back at Scarlett for being a one-trick pony herself.

The next morning, the tension had not broke and Scarlett was still heated over the personal comments, like River saying she speaks over people. This time Krystal Versace stepped in to defend River and to try to get Scarlett to calm down, but before that could happen Ru popped in to present the next challenges. First up, Ru opened the library for the Reading Is Fundamental mini challenge. Unsurprisingly, Scarlett’s knives were sharpened for the chance to dig back at the other girls. She went in on each of them, telling Choriza she has no fashion sense, Vanity she can’t do makeup, River she makes no impression, and Ella she has no personality. That didn’t win Scarlett the challenge though, instead Ru picked Choriza as the winner.

For the maxi challenge, Ru dropped another class on them with news that it’s time for the celebrity impression challenge Snatch Game. As always, each of the girls came to the show prepared to take on the role of one of their favorite people or characters. Vanity prepared Gladys Kingston, a character from the sketch comedy series “Little Miss Jocelyn” by Jocelyn Jee Esien. Krystal also chose a favorite character of hers,

Later, during a check-in with the queens, Choriza told Ru she’d be taking on Cuban singer Margarita Pracatan, but Ru encouraged her to do her own take on a more well-known performer by asking her to do a Spanish version of Cher as an example. Ru said something similar to Ella who was choosing to do fortune teller Mystic Meg, who is not known around the world either, and pushed her toward her second choice, Nigella Lawson, instead.

When Scarlett was telling Ru her plan to be Danny Dyer, Ru mentioned that she looks like Tilda Swinton. Scarlett said she does hear that a lot, or Macaulay Culkin, at which point Ru begged Scarlett to do an impersonation of him. Scarlett’s quick impersonation of Macaulay in Home Alone gave Ru the biggest cackle and so there on the spot Scarlett’s decision was made. Ru wanted to know from Kitty why she was doing Cilla Black instead of Gemma Collins, so Kitty explained that she’s pissed her friend Cheryl Hole already did her on season 1.

Contestants for Snatch Game this season were pop star Nadine Coyle and comedian Judi Love. On stage we learned that Kitty did switch to Gemma, Krystal went with Selina Mosinski from “Charity Chop Sue,” Choriza stuck with Margarita, Scarlett took the advice to do Macaulay, Vanity did Jocelyn, River chose Amy Childs from “The Only Way Is Essex,” and Ella swapped to Nigella. In the first round, both Ella and Scarlett got big laughs from Ru while Kitty and River butt heads over the best Essex slang to use. River continued to flop into the second and third round, but so did Krystal and Choriza. By the end, the clear standouts were Ella, Kitty and Scarlett.

Later, while preparing for the runway presentation, the girls swapped coming out stories and the different ways that their parents reacted. Kitty explained that her mom was always open and accepting and Choriza described coming out to her parents early on, but it not being a problem for her father until later in her teens. They had a tough stretch of time about Choriza’s sexuality, but now he is loving and accepting of her and her career. Krystal, River and Scarlett also shared how not seeing eye to eye with the people in their own lives and having to hide their queerness from people made them each who they are today and how drag has changed their lives.

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and guest judge Lulu to assess the Snatch Game performances and see the queens walk in a “Feeling Fruity” runway. Choriza opened in a Carmen Miranda-inspired look, Krystal came next in a spacey dragonfruit costume, Scarlett came out in all lime, but Graham smartly made a joke that it looked like lettuce, River wore a conceptual fruit bowl look she made herself, Ella had on a watermelon dress, Vanity presented an a simple slip dress with a fruit bowl on her head, and Kitty closed as cherries on the vine.

In judges’ critiques, Choriza was praised for her runway look, but was taken to task by Graham and Ru for being too obvious as Margarita. Michelle thought Krystal pushed herself as Charity Chop Sue, but Graham thought it was a tough choice for character because it’s someone else’s joke she was making. The judges all loved Scarlett and Macaulay, but Michelle didn’t think her runway look was lime enough. River took a huge hit for letting the judges down for a lack of improv skills and her “crafty” runway presentation. Michelle and Graham both loved Ella as Nigella and called her runway look gorgeous and campy. Vanity also took a hit for playing someone else’s character, but Lulu said she loved it. Kitty was praised as Gemma for being so accurate and for an interesting runway garment.

Back stage, Kitty and Ella were high off of their received praise, leaving everyone to question which of them would be declared the winner. Choriza was emotional for getting “safe” critiques because she thought she looked her very best on this runway. River knew she was in danger, but so did Krystal. Hoping to clear the bad blood between them, River and Scarlett both acknowledged each other’s point of view in the critiques from last week and agreed to leave it in the past.

After deliberation, Ru and the judges decided that Ella outperformed the other queens to be named this week’s winner. Both Scarlett and Kitty were safe as the others in the top and Vanity and Krystal were the two queens in the middle to be safe, leaving Choriza and River as the bottom two. In their lip sync to Lulu’s “Shout,” both queens delivered spirited, movement-heavy performances, but with their own sort of messiness. Because neither gave an engaging rendition of the song, neither impressed Ru and so she asked them both to “sashay away.” The decision left the group with only 5 queens as we neared the end of the competition.

NEXT WEEK: The queens race against the clock to serve three looks in a Miss Fugly pageant.

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