‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ 3 episode 7 recap: The queens bury their pretty in the ‘Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant’

“RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” continued this week with another installment of the hit spin-off from across the pond. In last week’s sixth episode, RuPaul Charles balanced the season’s earlier “double shantay” with a shocking “double sashay,” sending both River Medway and Choriza May home after a chaotically mediocre lip sync. The surprise leaves us with only five queens still vying for the crown: two-time challenge winners Krystal Versace and Ella Vaday, two-time bottom placers Scarlett Harlett and Vanity Milan, and the only queen without a challenge win Kitty Scott-Claus.

On Thursday’s seventh episode, the final five face a time crunch in a quick-change, three-look beauty pageant. Read below for our recap of episode 7 to find out who puts the glee in fugly during the “Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant”:

Admittedly smug over her win, Ella was proud to have bested the rest of the girls in a comedy challenge. Scarlett made the point that making RuPaul Charles laugh is the quickest way to winning the show and her opinion was that no one has been funnier than herself and Kitty. Scarlett said that her strongest talent is comedy and that’s why she’s a frontrunner, but the other girls were not buying it, especially after she failed to win the Snatch Game. No one was more surprised by Scarlett’s confidence than Ella and no one was more eager to prove her wrong than the winless Kitty.

With the hint of getting “drop dead ugly,” the girls were presented with a three-look challenge in the Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant, where FUGLY stands for “Friend, U Gotta Love Yourself.” As if the threat of being unpretty wasn’t daunting enough, Ru also warned them that they’ll be racing against the clock with only moments notice of which category they’d be presenting on the runway. With that, Ru gave them their first category: Fugly Swimwear, and put 69 minutes on the clock until presentation time.

While transforming into quick swim drag, the girls still found time to discuss their personal lives outside the game. Kitty spoke about how she’s never been moved by online trolls, instead choosing the self-love she was raised to have. She said that people would try to put her down for her big body and big legs, but those traits empower her in drag in a lot of ways and make her unique. Krystal added that being in drag empowers her in ways she doesn’t feel when she’s out of drag. The other girls were surprised to learn that Krystal is a virgin, expressing that she’s never felt as sexy out of drag as she does when she takes on the persona of Krystal.

On the runway, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and special guest judge Alesha Dixon. Walking first was Vanity in a padded yellow suit, yellow wig and a black swim cap that she called a take on a scuba outfit. Kitty followed in a crimped wig, messed up fake teeth and a mixed jungle print suit with black ties. Scarlett came next in “cat madness” with a pink suit with cats and fur balls all over it. Ella also wore fake teeth, a slicked back wig and a ruffled mixed print suit. Krystal ended the category as a brown and olive green suited sea creature caught in a net.

Ru then presented the second category: Charity Shop Chic, where the queens would style an ensemble using items placed in a special charity shop backstage. Ru gave them the requirement of wearing at least five different items from the shop and put 60 minutes on the clock. Backstage in the charity shop, the girls were surprised by the appearance of Charity Shop Sue, the Selina Mosinski character Krystal portrayed in the Snatch Game last week. Charity watched over them while the girls flew threw the racks of secondhand clothes around for 15 minutes. Charity continued to distract the queens while the clock wound down and they struggled to switch out their deep sea makeup for something more glam. Down to just a few minutes, Krystal was still changing her clothes, unsure whether the little red dress or little black dress would fair better with the judges.

Kitty walked first this time in a lime green mini and lavender top with her hair pinned up. Krystal had her boobs out in a short black dress and fish net stockings with a cute blond bob wig. Ella went with a lavender wig to accompany her pastel green dress and yellow statement necklace. Vanity came out in a sequin orange dress and a blonde kitten wig. Scarlett closed in a sparkly black dress and curly blonde wig with a rosette necklace.

For the final category: Fugly But Fashionable, Ru gave them 30 minutes to return to the Werk Room and switch into their most fashionable fugly look. With so little time, it was chaos for Krystal who was set on changing up her entire face with new makeup. Ella walked first in purple and yellow plaid chaps and a matching side-shawl. Vanity came next in an oversized black puffer wedding dress with all black accessories. Krystal managed to put together a colorful jacket and wig with cartoon eyes and lips. Scarlett followed in a pink and leopard tracksuit with a silver puffer jacket. Kitty was last in braces and a “Kitty Lady” caftan that tore away to a school girl top and skirt.

The judges began their critiques with Kitty, noting that she had fun with all three of the categories. Alesha liked her attention to detail, Alan liked that she embraced the charity shop concept, and Michelle said she had a strong night overall. Michelle and Alesha thought Vanity’s swimwear was her weakest, but they thought the orange dress in the charity shop category was perfect. Michelle only worried whether Vanity was delivering too late. The judges liked that Scarlett returned to having fun on the runway, but Alan thought her charity shop was a bit safe. Alesha didn’t think Scarlett was fashionable in her final look, but it was certainly fugly. Michelle liked that Ella showed more personality this week, but Alesha thought she could have pushed some of her ideas even further. Alan liked Ella’s second and third looks a lot and Alesha called her third look her favorite. Last, Krystal surprised Alan for going dirty in her swimwear look and Michelle agreed that Krystal “went for it” in the first look, but was “weak” in the second. Ru and Alesha liked the transformation between the first two though, and they all agreed her third look “nailed it.”

Backstage the girls were all in agreement that the day was fun because of how much of a pressure cooker it was. Krystal kept comparatively quiet, noting that none of the other girls chose any her looks as their favorites. She argued that they didn’t make their fugly looks fashionable, and called Scarlett out for relating her final look to Anubis. In guessing who might be in the bottom, Vanity offered herself as a likely candidate and Ella guessed that Scarlett might be also.

After consulting with the rest of the panel, Ru finally gave Kitty what she’s been waiting for, a challenge win. She was named top performer of the week, edging out both Krystal and Ella who were also declared safe. That left Vanity and Scarlett back in the bottom to see which of the two could save themselves from elimination for the third time. In their performance to “Scandalous” by Mis-Teeq, Vanity got off to a roaring start, ripping off her gown to reveal a gold chain corset and Scarlett did her best to keep up. Alesha couldn’t keep her eyes off of Vanity’s charisma, rhythm and perfectly timed split and spin tricks. Unlike last week, this lip sync left the judges fully gagged, but Ru had to make a decision: a well-deserved shantay for Vanity, and a sashay for Scarlett.

NEXT WEEK: The final four overact in sci-fi spoof “Bra Wars: The Fempire Claps Back.”

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