‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ 3 episode 8 recap: Top 4 are out of this world in ‘Bra Wars,’ but are any of them out of their league?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” continued this week with another installment of the hit spin-off from across the pond. In last week’s seventh episode, the queens brought fugly back in a three-look beauty pageant celebrating the pretty side of ugly thing. After becoming the last queen to earn a winner’s badge, Kitty Scott-Claus finally came out on top, but Vanity Milan and Scarlett Harlett hit the bottom for the third time. Vanity made a strong case for lip sync assassin of the season in her victory over Scarlett, but has she done enough to escape the bottom a fourth time?

On Thursday’s eighth episode, the top four are directed by Michelle Visage in a space adventure-themed overacting challenge. Read below for our recap of episode 8 to find out who among them are queens of the universe and if RuPaul Charles sends any of them into deep space in “Bra Wars”:

After Scarlett’s elimination, Kitty was momentarily sad to see her bestie go home, but much more focused on the pride of finally winning a challenge. With the badge and pageant sash, Kitty was so sure she was on the upward trajectory and wanting to know who among the others everyone thought was most vulnerable of going home next. The consensus was that Vanity, already in the bottom three times, has the most to prove, but Vanity was certain that what she’s shown as a performer makes her just as deserving of the others as cracking the top three.

When Ru arrived in the Werk Room the next morning it was to inform the girls that for their next maxi challenge they’d be overacting in the sci-fi spoof film, “Bra Wars: The Fempire Claps Back.” As the winner of the previous challenge, Kitty would get to assign roles from the options of Braberella, She3PHoe, Daft Shader and Baby Yolo. To decide the roles, Kitty made it clear that she’d be strategic instead of nice–she asked each of them who they’d prefer to portray, but eventually asked the other three to audition for the roles they want instead. After the auditions, Kitty chose Braberella for herself, gave Krystal Versace She3PHoe (the one role Krystal didn’t want), Ella Vaday Daft Shader, and Vanity Baby Yolo.

Once the roles were set, the queens split up to learn their lines and conceptualize how they’d channel their space-walking characters. Vanity’s Baby Yolo was a role that would require her to perform from a box, challenging her to act only with her head. Krystal was concerned with being given a role that was the most expected for her, but also had to find her way around her dyslexia with regard to learning and remembering her lines. On the other side of the room, Ella and Kitty seemed much more comfortable with their roles and were excited to take on the challenge.

Later, while filming on set with Michelle, all four of the girls required more direction than they imagined they would. Kitty had a particularly tough time with the phrase “space nut milk,” transposing some of the words in a more vulgar way than was in the script, and Vanity needed extra time finding the best way to emote in different ways without her body as a visual asset. Ella’s first scene was filmed on a green screen off set away from the other girls which set her off her bearings and needing to get out of her head before spiraling. Krystal was less capable of staying out of her head once she forgot her lines, but Michelle was patient and encouraging with her.

After filming, the queens returned to the Werk Room to prepare for the runway presentation and discussed their experiences with harassment as drag queens. All of them described instances where they’ve been groped and otherwise inappropriately touched without consent while in drag and Ella explained how the scariest part of being a drag queen is the journey from their home to the venue where they’re in drag and exposed to people on the street who may be unaccepting of them. As always, the heart to hearts the queens have during this time help to build a complex picture of how challenging, yet powerful their career can be.

On the runway, Ru was joined by Michelle, Graham Norton and this week’s guest judge Russell Tovey. Before watching the final cut of “Bra Wars,” the queens walked the catwalk in a “Scene Stealers” category. Krystal came first in a gorgeous black and white gown with matching wig, inspired by Cruella. Ella came out next painted orange in the face and wearing a sexy Oompa Loompa costume. Vanity arrived in orange once again and repeating one of her wigs from last week, all inspired by B.A.P.S. and Halle Berry. And Kitty walked last in an oversized hat and pin striped dress inspired by Kate Winslet in Titanic. And during the screening of “Bra Wars,” the judges (especially Ru) were howling with laughter at all four performances. It would seem that Kitty cast the production perfectly, offering each of the queens a great opportunity to shine.

During critiques, Michelle mentioned that Krystal struggled the most during filming, but she took the direction well and was able to create something “really cute.” Graham acknowledged that she had a hard character, but said that eventually her performance of it flatlined. That being said, all the judges agreed that she once again looked flawless on the runway. Ella scored big points with the judges for her daring and unexpected Oompa Loompa concept. They also loved her in the film, explaining that she used her costume to full effect. As expected, Vanity took a hit for wearing orange again and recycling a wig on the runway, but everyone thought that she was able to emote really well using just her face in the challenge. Michelle said “it was a dream” to direct Kitty in the film and Russell picked up on all her pop culture references, calling her performance “a triumph.” They also all liked that her runway presentation told a story rather than just being a look.

While the judges deliberated some more, the queens retreated back to the Werk Room to untuck. Krystal was in low spirits, knowing that she was most likely falling into the bottom for her first lip sync of the season. Vanity admitted that she would also likely be in the bottom. Kitty and Ella were both in high spirits, fully expecting to be safe because of their unanimously positive critiques.

After deliberating with the other judges, Ru brought the girls back on stage, prefacing her decision that they made it “extremely difficult.” First, she gave Vanity safety, shocking the other girls who thought she would be up for elimination. Next, Ru called Krystal safe as well, leaving Kitty and Ella shell-shocked to be in the apparent position to lip sync for their life. But instead, Ru revealed that no one would be going home — instead Kitty and Ella would be competing to be named the challenge winner in a lip sync to “Something New” by Girls Aloud. Feeling the energy of knowing they’re safe, both queens gave it their all with splits and death drops galore. Ru was so gagged with her own excitement that she declared both of them winners!

NEXT WEEK: The eliminated queens are back as guests for a roasting comedy challenge.

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