Is Ryan Seacrest masquerading as Hammerhead on ‘The Masked Dancer’? Ken and Paula think so [WATCH]

Hammerhead returns to “The Masked Dancer” on Wednesday night for the first time since the season premiere. Back then, the judges thought he could be Carrot Top, Joe Jonas or Zac Efron, but now they have a different theory: Ryan Seacrest. “He’s got a kind of a similar stature,” muses Ken Jeong in the preview video (watch above). Looking through the new clues, Ken notices a lot of “E” references and notes that Ryan is the “King of E.” He also thinks the “1” on the jersey refers to Ryan being “number 1 in television.” What do you think, “Masked Dancer” fans? Give us your best Hammerhead theories down in the comments section.

Ken’s co-judge Paula Abdul, who worked with Ryan for years on the original “American Idol,” chimes in that she agrees he could be hiding inside the shark costume. “There was actually a tad of his line … Hammerhead out,” she notes, paraphrasing something she saw in the clues video. Ryan infamously used to close out many episodes of “American Idol” by saying “Seacrest out.” She adds, “That’s a good guess, Ken.”

So far during this inaugural season, Ken seems to know what he’s talking about. He was the only panelist who correctly guessed Bill Nye was really Ice Cube in week two. Does that mean we should start taking Ken’s guesses more seriously than we do on “The Masked Singer,” where he’s infamously the worst guesser? Yes and no. After all, don’t forget that Ken was dead wrong when he predicted Smokie Robinson as Disco Ball (instead of Ice-T) and Karlie Kloss as Moth (instead of Elizabeth Smart).

Who do YOU think the Hammerhead is on “The Masked Dancer”? The first time this self-proclaimed workaholic performed in the Group A debut, he danced to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and had the panelists championing him for getting everybody in a partying mood. Some of his initial clues included a plate with a burger, a cup of “Joe” and a portrait of him surfing.

As of this writing, only seven secret celebs remain in the running to win the Diamond Mask: Hammerhead, Tulip, Cricket and Exotic Bird from Group A and Cotton Candy, Sloth and Zebra from Group B. The last of these initial group round episodes airs Wednesday, January 20. The following week, the finalists will come together for the first time to perform in the Super Six.

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