Screen Actors Guild Awards: Which actress should receive the SAG 2022 life achievement award? [POLL]

The Screen Actors Guild will most likely be announcing their life achievement award recipient for 2022 in the near future. Who do you think should be taking home this prestigious trophy chosen by the SAG-AFTRA committee?

This event skipped the annual tradition in 2021 for a pre-taped, shortened ceremony. It was three men in a row for the most recent ceremonies, so our guess is that it will be a woman this time. Take our poll below and make your best guess on the selection. All 10 of these actresses in the poll have two things in common with typical decisions by this committee: at least 65 years old with a history of charitable and/or humanitarian works.

The following living people have already received this award and wouldn’t be chosen again (year referenced is from the ceremony; actors and actresses included): Joanne Woodward (1986), Robert Redford (1996), Angela Lansbury (1997), Sidney Poitier (2000), Clint Eastwood (2003), Julie Andrews (2007), James Earl Jones (2009), Betty White (2010), Dick Van Dyke (2013), Rita Moreno (2014), Carol Burnett (2016), Lily Tomlin (2017), Morgan Freeman (2018), Alan Alda (2019) and Robert De Niro (2020).

Here are the 10 possibilities featured in our poll below, all over age 65:

Eight-time Oscar nominee; three-time Emmy winner (“Serving in Silence,” “Damages”) in 14 nominations.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Norma Rae,” “Places in the Heart”) in three nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Sybil,” “E.R.,” “Brothers and Sisters”) in nine nominations; Kennedy Center Honors.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Klute,” “Coming Home”) in seven nominations; one-time Emmy winner (“The Dollmaker”) in five nominations; AFI life achievement; Cecil B. DeMille Award.

One-time Oscar winner (“Annie Hall”) in four nominations; one-time Emmy nominee; AFI life achievement.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Tootsie,” “Blue Sky”) in six nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Grey Gardens,” “American Horror Story”) in 10 nominations.

One-time Oscar winner (“Terms of Endearment”) in six nominations; one-time Emmy winner (“Gypsy in My Soul”) in six nominations; Kennedy Center Honors; AFI life achievement; Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Two-time Oscar nominee; three-time Emmy winner (“The Betty Ford Story,” “Face of a Stranger,” “Hysterical Blindness”) in eight nominations; Honorary Academy Award.

Three-time Oscar winner (“Kramer vs. Kramer,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Iron Lady”) in 21 nominations; three-time Emmy winner (“Holocaust,” “Angels in America,” “Five Came Back”) in five nominations; Kennedy Center Honors; AFI life achievement; Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Two-time Oscar winner (“Funny Girl,” “A Star Is Born”) in five nominations; four-time Emmy winner (“My Name Is Barbra,” “Barbra: The Concert,” “Timeless”) in nine nominations; Kennedy Center Honors; AFI life achievement; Cecil B. DeMille Award.

One-time Oscar nominee; four-time Emmy winner (“Hill Street Blues,” “L.A. Law,” “Miss Evers’ Boys,” “The Practice”) in 18 nominations.

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