See full version of ‘Windup,’ Oscar rival for Best Animated Short

Just a few days ago the full version of “Windup” was posted at YouTube as it competes for Best Animated Short at the Oscars. It’s the creation of young, China-born animator Yibing Jiang, who relays the tale of a dad desperate to connect with his young daughter who’s in a coma in a hospital. She’s nonresponsive through touch or talk, so he resorts to humming one of her favorite melodies that he also plays for her on a windup music box.

“The cool part is this film is fully rendered Real-Time using Unity Engine,” she asserts at her website. “We are using techniques from the AAA game production that push the visual bar while rendering 3 million times faster than regular animation films! 3 Million? Yep, you can do the math 30 frames per second compares with 30 hours per frame… :).” Read more on the latest Unity software used to create “Windup.”

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