Simon Cowell (‘America’s Got Talent’) earns boos after X’ing Bini the Bunny [WATCH]

America’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell is used to being booed for his negative comments, but history was made during the July 20 audition episode when he earned boos for X’ing a rabbit. Bini The Bunny and his human owner Shai Lighter are an animal act from Los Angeles who are hoping to join Olate Dogs on the “AGT” winners list. But they hit a rough patch during their performance when Bini failed to do … well, anything. Watch the “AGT” audition video above.

“Bini is the most talented rabbit in the world,” Shai promised before stepping out onto the stage. He even referred to him as “LeBron James the Bunny” because of his basketball skills. Unfortunately, nerves struck during the performance and Bini had trouble dunking a basketball. The cute mammal also failed at strumming a guitar, playing a piano and taking notes.

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Simon was hopeful at the start of the act, even whispering to Sofia Vergara, “I’ve got a good feeling.” But when Bini disappointed him again and again, the British judge pressed his red X. Heidi Klum argued that Simon shouldn’t rush the bunny, to which he responded, “The rabbit hasn’t done anything.”

For the final trick, Shai decided to go back to the basketball and, after a long, drawn-out pause, Bini managed to dunk it. Cue the cheers from the audience. “That was Bini the Bunny, and he was amazing,” Shai said at the conclusion of his act.

“That’s why people prefer dogs to rabbits as pets,” Simon stated flatly as the crowd started booing him. “Because dogs do things and in my experience rabbits don’t do much.” When Shai hinted that Bini can do so much more, Simon replied, “He can’t.”

Sofia, Heidi and Howie Mandel all voted “yes” to send Bini through to the next round, so they outnumbered Simon’s sole “no” vote. Do you think this animal act has what it takes to join the “America’s Got Talent” winners list at the end of the season? We’ll all find out soon enough. But first, the reality TV show is taking a two-week break as NBC airs the Summer Olympics.

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