Simon Cowell (‘America’s Got Talent’) outraged that flying trumpets act gets 2 X’s: ‘I mean, seriously?’

After 16 seasons, “America’s Got Talent” is still discovering fresh acts that have never been seen before on the big stage, including Alex Ostrovsky in the July 6 episode. The man shocked the crowd by playing trumpets to Whitney Houston‘s “Greatest Love Of All” and then sending them off into the air. The winged trumpets flew around in circles as he continued playing the classic tune while rolling on skates. Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel both loved the variety act and gave it “yes” votes, but Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara hated it and slammed their hands on their red X’s.

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“Unbelievable you actually got two X’s,” Simon told Alex after giving the quirky trumpet player a standing ovation. “I mean, seriously?”

Heidi responded by asking, “I mean, did you hear the sound of the trumpet?” Admittedly, Heidi was right — the sound coming out of the instruments was not pleasant to the ears. She then told Alex to not “take it personal” because he was still “adorable.”

Simon noted how he’d never seen such an act before and urged Heidi and Sofia to change their votes. Howie was already on his side because he thought the act was “gorgeous.” As the ladies considered their votes, the audience started cheering on Alex in the background. “I have lots more tricks with trumpets,” the man teased.

However, Heidi and Sofia stuck to their guns and voted “no” on sending Alex through to the next round. Talk about party-poopers!

Alex rolled off-stage gracefully, his white wings flapping behind him, but Simon was still outraged at his co-judges. “You said no to an angel with flying trumpets?” he sighed.

The good news is that there’s nothing in the “AGT” rule book that says Alex Ostrovsky can’t return to NBC’s reality TV show in the future. Many people have auditioned multiple times through the years, including most notably Sethward, a novelty act who auditioned as a caterpillar in Season 13, a giraffe and a walrus in Season 14, and a peacock in Season 16. He most recent encore is what did the trick, as he finally received enough “yes” votes to advance to the next round.

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