‘SNL’ preview: Kieran Culkin jokes about marrying Ed Sheeran — ‘I would be Kieran Sheeran’ [WATCH]

“Succession” scene-stealer Kieran Culkin is taking his first stab at hosting NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on November 6, with musical guest Ed Sheeran. During the “SNL” preview clip (watch above), Culkin plays along with cast members Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd as they poke fun at the similar-sounding names of the host and musical guest. “If we got married, I would be Kieran Sheeran,” he states matter-of-factly. That’s when Redd shouts, “Yeah, he gets the game!”

“If you and Ed were driving a car and staring at people, it would be Kieran and Sheeran steerin’ and leerin’,” Gardner joked.

Redd’s suggestion? “If you and Ed were drinking brews and listening to something, it would be Kieran and Sheeran beerin’ and hearin’.”

Elsewhere in the video clip, Redd promises there will be ghosts, treasure and “Jersey Shore” cameos during Culkin’s episode. When the host corrects him and says none of that stuff will appear, Gardner’s face falls. “Why not ghosts?” she wonders aloud. “Ghosts are funny!” Redd agrees that ghosts are “hilarious,” which convinces Culkin to have a change of heart and include ghosts in his episode.

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Culkin has been starring in film and television since he was just a kid, with his first role being as Fuller in big brother Macaulay Culkin‘s breakout hit “Home Alone.” He actually had a cameo appearance in the 1991 episode of “Saturday Night Live” that Macaulay hosted, as a character named Froggy in a Thanksgiving sketch. Culkin earned an Emmy nomination in 2020 for playing Roman Roy on HBO’s “Succession.”

The 47th season of “Saturday Night Live” premiered on October 2 with the first four hosts being Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian West, Rami Malek and Jason Sudeikis.

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