‘SNL’ preview: Rami Malek called a ‘demon’ by ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member as he prepares to host [WATCH]

This weekend marks the first time Rami Malek is hosting “Saturday Night Live,” but it turns out he’s not being welcomed with open arms by the regular cast members. “You know Rami, a lot of people find your eyes unnerving, but I don’t see it,” Ego Nwodim jokingly tells him in the latest “SNL” preview video (watch above). When Bowen Yang challenges them to a staring contest, Nwodim takes one look into Malek’s peepers and declares matter-of-factly, “This man is a demon.” The episode airs Saturday, October 16 on NBC.

In another clip, Yang declares that he is actually hip-hop star Young Thug. “That’s me!” Yang shouts when Malek announces the week’s musical guest. Young Thug then plays along, saying he’s happy to meet Yang because he’s the “greatest rapper of all time.” This episode marks Young Thug’s first appearance on the “SNL” stage.

The video concludes with Nwodim and Yang confusing Malek’s latest film “No Time to Die” with box office bomb “Cats.” “That was good,” Yang states. “I mean, when Grizabella goes back to the Jellicle Ball and sings that song? Oh my God. Tears.” Demon-eyed Malek kindly tries to correct them, but Nwodim remains confident they’re referring to “the new Bond movie.”

Malek is on a hot streak with awards shows, winning the Best Actor Oscar for “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018) and the Best Drama Actor Emmy for “Mr. Robot” (2016). He plays Lyutsifer Safin in “No Time to Die,” the current foe of James Bond (Daniel Craig). The film is already a box office hit, making its way into the U.S. Top 10 of 2021 after just one week in theaters.

The 47th season of “Saturday Night Live” premiered on October 2 with Owen Wilson hosting. Last weekend, Kim Kardashian West made headlines in her monologue thanks to her jokes about her family and O.J. Simpson. After Malek tackles this week’s outing, Jason Sudeikis is set to return to the “SNL” stage to oversee the October 23 episode.

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