‘Succession’ season 3 slugfest: Top 7 moments and best awards chances [WATCH]

“I just can’t believe how incredible that show is and that finale just blew me away,” exclaims Rob Licuria in Gold Derby’s “Succession” Season 3 video recap. Rob is joined by Joyce Eng, Marcus James Dixon and Matt Noble to unpack the top episodes, best performances and awards chances for the critically hailed HBO series. Watch the editors’ slugfest above.

In 2020, Season 2 of “Succession” won four Emmys including the coveted award for Best Drama Series. Marcus predicts, “The writing is so good — that’s why it wins the Emmy and probably will again.” Matt adds, “They knocked it out of the park. At this point, I’m fairly confident ‘Succession’ is in the driver’s seat for the Emmys.”

Will Jeremy Strong best Brian Cox for Best Drama Actor again? Who’s ahead between Matthew Macfadyen and Kieran Culkin in Best Supporting Actor? Should Sarah Snook move up to the Best Actress race? Watch the full video slugfest above to find out. Beware: Our discussion contains “Succession” spoilers from all three seasons.

Here are our top moments from Season 3:

7. Logan and Kendall get Italian (episode 8, “Chiantishire”)
After being at war all season Logan (Cox) and Kendall (Strong) have dinner in Italy. Logan is brutal reminding Kendall of his responsibility for the death of a waiter in the first season. Marcus says, “Logan also gets his grandson to come and eat the food for him in case it’s poisoned. The looks that they were giving each other across the table, the ‘What do you think I am?’ That scene, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was so good.”

6. Tom Gets Out of Jail Free (episode 7, “Too Much Birthday”)
For most of the season Tom (Macfadyen) is lamenting going to prison as the family fall guy. When it turns out the DOJ won’t be pursuing any criminal charges Tom is giddy. He storms Greg’s (Nicholas Braun) office to celebrate. Rob loved “Tom doing a ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and just flipping the table when he realized he wasn’t going to jail.”

5. “Boo Souls” (episode 9, “What the Bells Say”)
The big twist at the end of the season was when Tom goes all in with Logan at Shiv’s (Snook) expense. In the lead-up to that reveal, Tom recruits cousin Greg. It was an iconic and hilarious moment from TV’s best dysfunctional relationship. Matt thinks, “It was great when Tom asks Greg to sell his soul, and Greg goes, ‘Boo souls!’ Joyce thinks, “No one else could have delivered that line except Nicholas Braun.”

4. The Dick Pic (episode 8, “Chiantishire”)
Marcus claims, “The dick pic scene is something that people are going to be talking about for a very long time.” Roman’s (Culkin) hijinks finally catch up to him in a board meeting. He accidentally sends a nude photo, intended for Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), to his father Logan. Rob describes, “We’ve all been there. Not with the DPs, but we email the wrong person or saying something that you shouldn’t have said. I felt that visceral feeling when just watching him. I just thought that’s a master class of acting.”

3. Logan Wins (episode 9, “What the Bells Say”)
The episode ends with Kendall, Shiv and Roman finally teaming up to take down Logan. Only for the patriarch, with a little help from Tom, to thwart their plans. It’s an intense and brutal scene. Joyce says, “Brian Cox imitating Shiv was just perfect. That should just be his Emmy clip.” Matt adds, “For the first time Roman’s gone out on a limb against his dad. It’s backfired and it’s irreversible. It’s just shattering. Looking up as a desperate man pleading to his dad to fall on the mercy of love, knowing it’s futile, is one of the most tragic things.”

2. The Imaginary Cat (episode 5, “Retired Janitors of Idaho”)
During the annual shareholders meeting, Logan suffers from a urinary tract infection. With deals and speeches to be made everyone is scrambling with their leader gone mad. It all crescendos with Logan screaming about an imaginary cat under his chair. Joyce says, “It is an incredible ensemble moment. It shows why it should win the SAG ensemble prize. Then when Colin carries out the imaginary cat bag, it was just perfect cinema on TV.” Matt agrees, noting, “I love the comedy and just the absurdity of everything happening at once.”

1. Siblings Unite in the Tuscan Dust (episode 9, “What the Bells Say”)
In the season finale, a broken Kendall sits in the dust breaking down. Shiv and Roman are counseling him, all while trying to respond to their father’s imminent business deal. Rob reflects, “Kendall’s sitting on the ground on the dusty Italian dirt. You’ve got that beautiful geometry of the buildings behind them. And his two siblings are trying to make him feel better as he’s spilling his guts about what happened to the waiter. I was completely and utterly flawed.” Matt thinks, “When they all decide to go against their father and Kendall is breaking down, I was so invested. It’s amazing how the show could go from a farce to intense drama so quickly. Kendall’s having his breakdown and you’ve still got Roman cracking jokes.”

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