‘Survivor 41’ deleted scene: Yase tribe feels like ‘a bunch of schlumps’ after struggling to make fire [WATCH]

During the “SurvivorSeason 41 premiere, the Ua tribe won fire-making supplies right out of the gate and had no trouble building a fire, thanks mostly to Jairus “JD” Robinson. The other two tribes, Yase and Luvu, were punished and had to earn their tools by nominating two members each to carry ocean water back and forth to fill two large barrels. Yase chose Xander Hastings and David Voce, while Luvu went with Danny McCray and Deshawn Radden. What viewers didn’t see at home was just how hard Yase struggled to make fire, even after they earned their flint. Watch the “Survivor 41” deleted scene video above.

Xander and Tiffany Seely tried their hardest to make fire by repeatedly hitting the flint with their dull machete. “It’s just going to take some time,” Tiffany surmised. “That’s okay.” The video then hilariously cut to a shot of the moon at night, as the Yase tribe was still hard at work trying to light a flame.

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“I am a little worried,” Xander told the camera after hours of failing. “I mean, we couldn’t get fire, so reality comes crashing back down. I was absolutely devastated. We look like a bunch of schlumps.”

When the sun came up on Day 2, the Yase tribe went at it again, and this time they found success. Tiffany hit the flint and Xander blew onto a tiny spark, which caught fire. Tiffany let out a Tom Hanks-in-“Cast Away”-style scream of delight. “I have made fire for our tribe,” she declared. “That was crazy. That’s like a ‘Survivor’ moment. I am a fire-starter. Fire is life. I gave them life. I brought them into this world. And I will take them out.”

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In the season’s first immunity challenge, Yase and Ua both lost and had to take trips to tribal council to vote out members of their tribes. Yase voted unanimously to send home Eric Abraham, while Ua was more divided but ultimately said goodbye to Sara Wilson. That left only 16 castaways still in the running to win the $1 million prize.

Also in the episode, host Jeff Probst made the decision to stop saying “Come on in, guys!” in an effort to be more inclusive. At first everyone agreed the saying was okay, but then Ricard Foye of the Ua tribe expressed his opinion that he didn’t think the phrase was still appropriate in 2021. Probst smiled and replied, “I’m with you. I want to change it. I’m glad that was the last time I will ever say it.” Did he make the right decision? Vote in our poll below.

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