‘Survivor 41’: Did Genie Chen deserve to be eliminated in episode 5? [POLL]

The Ua tribe continues to dwindle, as we saw in last night’s fifth episode of “Survivor 41.” Ricard Foye, Shan Smith and Genie Chen were all that remained of the unlucky green-buffed tribe and after another Immunity Challenge loss, they were forced to make their trio a duo. While all three felt the heat, allies Ricard and Shan opted to stick together as they voted out Genie. But do you think Genie was the right person to be eliminated?

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The episode began with Genie finding the re-hidden Beware Advantage. The grocery clerk opted to tell Ricard and Shan about it but they all agreed to not open it. However, once Genie was out of earshot, Shan made it clear that she really did want to open it up and proceeded to do so alongside Ricard. Because this advantage causes her to lose her vote until the three-way idol is activated, she gave her extra vote advantage to Ricard for safekeeping. The twosome then told Genie that they might try to see if Luvu found their own advantage by saying the “broccoli is like small trees” phrase.

At the challenge, Shan said the phrase, followed by Yase’s Xander Hastings repeating his dead relatives saying, and finally Luvu’s Naseer Muttalif completing the triumvirate. This activated the idol and restored Shan’s vote.

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After losing the Immunity Challenge, the three remaining Ua members campaigned against each other, with some conflict arising after Shan asked Ricard to give her the extra vote back. Ricard express worry that she would then have no reason to keep him in the game. Despite this rift, the two proceeded to boot Genie.

What makes this so tricky is that all three of Ricard, Shan and Genie have reasons for voting each other out. Shan is a hardcore game player and could prove to be a threat down the road. Ricard could be even more dangerous, lurking more in the shadows. Then there’s Genie, who is loyal but may not have had the same strategic mind for the game as the others and didn’t have a strong enough social bond. Who do you think the tribe should have voted out?

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