‘Survivor 41’: Did JD Robinson deserve to be eliminated in episode 4? [POLL]

The fourth episode of “Survivor 41” featured the rapidly dwindling Ua tribe voting out another member. It was a tough call for allies Ricard Foye and Shan Smith on who to vote out between Genie Chen and JD Robinson, but they ultimately landed on the latter. After Shan requested that JD give her his extra vote advantage for one night, she then realized that she could keep it for herself and proceeded to vote him out. But do you think this was the right move in the end?

The episode began with some tension between Genie and her other tribemates, having been blindsided the previous night with the Brad Reese vote out. Shan then revealed that Brad had a vote steal advantage that only she, Shan, knew about, causing JD to question why she kept that information from him when she also got upset at JD for keeping his extra vote a secret. That tension extended to the Immunity Challenge, where JD acted a bit too immature for Shan’s liking.

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After the challenge, Genie made it known she was probably going to roll her shot-in-the-dark die to protect herself, fearing she was on the bottom of the tribe. She told JD to throw a vote on Ricard, but JD relayed this plan right back to Ricard, who was none too pleased. Ricard and Shan questioned whether JD might use his extra vote at Tribal Council, causing Shan to concoct an evil plan to coax the advantage away from JD. The plan worked, and despite her near-sibling relationship with JD, she chose to stab him in the back and keep the advantage for herself, mafia pastor style.

It is debatable whether the tribe made the correct call in taking out JD. Shan does now possess an extra vote, which could come in handy down the line, but she also took someone out who was so loyal to her that he gave his advantage to her two episodes in a row, just to make her happy. In the process, she and Ricard kept Genie, who doesn’t seem to care for Ricard and may not be loyal to either of them at the merge. It’s also possible that Genie could be so grateful to Ricard and Shan that she stays strong with them. Who do you think the Ua tribe should have eliminated this week?

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