‘Survivor 41’ poll: Did the right person win? Vote now!

Spoiler alert: Don’t read this article if you haven’t yet watched the “Survivor 41” finale.

During Wednesday night’s three-hour finale of “Survivor” Season 41, the eight-person jury voted to give the $1 million prize to Erika Casupanan. The first-ever Canadian champion prevailed with seven votes, way ahead of Deshawn Radden in second place with one vote and Xander Hastings in third place with zero votes. Did the right person win? Or did someone else at that final tribal council deserve to join the show’s winners list? Vote in our “Survivor 41” poll below, and then defend your choice in the comments section.

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Erika is now the first woman winner in seven seasons, since Sarah Lacina in Season 34. (See the updated “Survivor” winners list.) Erika’s big claim to fame this year was smashing the hourglass at the merge, reversing time and changing the results of the challenge so that the winners would be eligible for elimination and the losers would be safe. After that, Erika played an under-the-radar game as she let bigger personalities take each other out, though she was always on the right side of the vote.

Erika takes credit for building an alliance of underdogs toward the end of the game, a group that included Xander, Heather Aldret and Ricard Foye. She then earned a free pass to the Final 3 when challenge winner Xander brought her with him, thereby making Heather and Deshawn battle to make fire (Heather lost). Erika joked that perhaps Xander should have let her make fire, seeing as how she struggled so much doing that on Exile Island.

Gold Derby’s finale predictions had Erika in second place to win, behind only Ricard. In a full-circle moment, jury member Danny McCray told Erika she played the game he wanted to play; remember, back in the pre-merge days he was willing to throw a challenge in order to vote her out because she came off as too strategic. The 42nd season of “Survivor” will debut Wednesday, March 9, 2022 on CBS.

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