‘Survivor 41’ preview: Naseer Muttalif shows up Deshawn Radden by making fire ‘within a minute’ [WATCH]

Last week on “Survivor 41,” making fire seemed to be the bane of Yase’s existence. But now it’s Luvu that’s having trouble igniting a flame. In CBS’s video trailer for the September 29 episode, Deshawn Radden wastes hours hitting his flint with his machete to try to start a fire. After he fails miserably, his tribemate Naseer Muttalif calmly walks over and succeeds in creating a flame “within a minute.” Watch the “Survivor 41” preview above.

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“I don’t need to have flint to make fire,” the California sales manager explains in voice-over. “At the same time, I don’t want to just jump in and try to do things, which I have been doing a lot. Meager supplies and faster game. I’m like, that’s what I want. That’s what I’ve been waiting for a long, long time.” As for how he became a fire whisperer, Naseer reveals, “I grew up in a tiny village in Sri Lanka. I was living a life with no running water, no electricity. There is a river right behind the house where we bathed. Our toilet was just a hole. But, we were really happy, ’cause as long as we had rice and coconuts and we had some veggies from the field, we had everything that we needed.”

Naseer’s triumph came after Deshawn admitted he couldn’t start a fire to save his life. “The first time I practiced at home, it took me, my dad, my brother about 13 hours to figure out how to light a fire,” he says in a private confessional. “And ever since then, I kind of got it, but with a smaller knife. Here, we have this long ass machete that you can’t even get a grip on. I’m just like, ‘Dude, can I do anything?'”

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Deshawn tries to make light of the situation with Erika Casupanan, joking that when they get to the Final 4 he’ll be “somebody to beat at fire-making.” She kindly shrugs him off and tells him not to worry because there’s “no pressure.”

The Luvu tribe won last week’s immunity challenge, which means they avoided going to tribal council. They are still six members strong, compared to only five people apiece for Yase (who voted out Eric Abraham) and Ua (who voted out Sara Wilson). Which Luvu player do you think will be the first person eliminated should they visit tribal council this week: Deshawn, Naseer, Erika, Danny McCray, Heather Aldret or Sydney Segal?

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