‘Survivor 41’ fans think Sydney Segal was the correct boot in episode 7 [POLL RESULTS]

Episode 7 of “Survivor 41” was one for the ages. With seven of the 12 remaining castaways safe from elimination, it was utter chaos figuring out who to send out. After advantages played, new alliances forged and a wildly unpredictable Tribal Council, it was confident law student Sydney Segal who met her demise in a very close 5-4-3 vote. In a new poll posted last week, Gold Derby asked readers to pick who they thought deserved to be eliminated this episode, and the people have spoken.

Sydney earned the most votes for who users thought deserved to be booted, amassing 27% of the vote. Among other castaways eligible to be voted out, Deshawn Radden earned the next highest amount of votes at 9%. The Yase alliance of Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely and Xander Hastings conspired to target Deshawn and placed three votes on him, but they couldn’t convince anyone else to join them. Evvie was the third highest vote-getter, at 7%, having been the original target of the dominant alliance. Bringing up the rear was Naseer Muttalif at 2% and Danny McCray at 0.5%.

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From castaways who were safe at this Tribal Council, Liana Wallace earned the most votes at 17%, following her very public advantage misplay at Tribal Council. Shan Smith was next at 10%, with Heather Aldret at 9%, Erika Casupanan and Ricard Foye at 7% each, Tiffany at 3% and Xander at 2%.

Now that everyone will be eligible to be voted out in Episode 8 (barring any twists), it will be fascinating to see the post-merge game truly begin. The current lay of the land suggests that there is a big alliance comprised of the former Luvu and Ua tribes, plus Liana, while the Yase three are on the bottom. But this is a season full of gamers and overthinkers, so it may be foolish to expect that big group to stay together.

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