‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 1: Why this season is ‘Danger Island’ [WATCH]

“I was personally excited and maybe hesitant,” explains Gold Derby’s Kevin Jacobson about his expectations heading into “Survivor 41.” He joins Marcus James Dixon and Matt Noble in our weekly Gold Derby “Survivor” slugfest. Marcus adds, “I was worried there would be an ‘Extinction Island’ [where those voted out have a shot at re-entering the game]. I’m glad there’s none. When you’re out, you’re out!” Watch the lively discussion in the video recap above, in which we also address Jeff Probst‘s “Come on in, guys” controversy.

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After 16 months in the wilderness, “Survivor” is back for its 41st season. It’s the competition where a group of castaways work to outlast each other, while battling the elements of the island. The game of social, strategic and physical mastery, Matt thinks, is the world’s greatest game. And this season there is a fun new “risk vs. reward” theme.

This season started with 18 contestants divided into three tribes of six. Due to Covid protocols, it is a shorted game of 26 days (usually being 39). To mitigate this, the players have been given less supplies and a series of dangerous twists. These include a hidden “Beware Advantage” which comes with a warning. There is also a “Shot in the Dark” die which players can roll for a one in six chance of immunity. But, it forfeits their vote. Matt confesses, “I like the idea of making choices, where there’s an advantage but there’s also a cost. It’s ‘Survivor: Danger Island!”

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In our Gold Derby prediction center, Evvie Jagoda has risen to our winner frontrunner with 5/2 odds. Kevin says, “I think we are right on the money. She seems like someone who is going to wheel and deal throughout the season and is set up as a bit of a narrator.” Matt contends that Shantel “Shan” Smith (25/1 odds) could take it out, explaining, “She’s the mafia pastor. We saw plenty of her story and I think she’s connecting well with people out there.” Marcus adds, “Last week Deshawn Radden (4/1 odds) was the frontrunner. I’m going to stick with Deshawn for now.”

Also in our chat, we talk about the early eliminations of Eric Abraham and Sara Wilson. Did the Yase and Ua tribes make the right decisions? And what did we think about Jeff directly addressing the camera “The Office”-style?

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