‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 2: ‘Nobody’s keeping anything secret’ [WATCH]

“They are just telling each other everything,” explains Gold Derby’s Kevin Jacobson about the “Survivor 41” cast. He joins Marcus James Dixon and Matt Noble in our weekly Gold Derby “Survivor” slugfest. Kevin adds, “Nobody’s keeping anything secret. This feels like an open book cast.” Watch the lively discussion on Season 41, Episode 2, titled “Juggling Chainsaws,” in our video recap above.

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The September 29 episode opened with Brad Reese telling the Shan Smith and Genie Chen he was spying on the boys. Later, when Evvie Jagoda was meeting Deshawn Radden from another tribe she spilled the goss about what was going down on her beach. And when Xander Hastings decided to take the Beware Advantage, he confided all the details to Evvie and David Voce, including the weird “butterflies” saying.

Marcus notes, “Year after year you watch ‘Survivor’ and some of these folks immediately spill all their secrets and it comes back around. I think I would have kept that close to my chest.” Matt adds, “Evvie has done such a good job in establishing trust with Xander!”

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Evvie positioned herself well in the tribe with everyone thinking she was working with them. Her initial plan was to vote with the girls to eliminate Xander. But with votes coming her way, a paranoid Tiffany Seely wanted to oust Voce instead. This had Evvie consider that the boys might be a more reliable and trusting pair. Ultimately, she stuck with the girls and sent Voce home. Matt concludes, “Without Xander’s vote it was hard to get Tiffany out. If Evvie flips that’s still a 2-2 vote. I don’t think she was itching for a tied vote. If Xander had his vote, it would have given Evvie more confidence to flip. That being said it was losing his vote for the advantage that made Tiffany paranoid.”

In our Gold Derby predictions center, Evvie has maintained her position as the winner frontrunner with 31/10 odds. Marcus agrees with this assessment. Matt and Kevin however believe that Shan is most likely to win. She is now in second place with 4/1 odds.

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