‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 3: We’re ‘over the advantages already’ [WATCH]

There have only been three episodes of “Survivor 41” so far and three people have extra votes, one has a third of a Hidden Immunity Idol and another just got voted out with two advantages in their pocket. “I’m kind of over the advantages already,” admits Marcus James Dixon in this week’s Gold Derby “Survivor” slugfest with colleagues Kevin Jacobsen and Matt Noble. “It’s very hard to keep track of who has what.” Jacobsen concurs, adding, “I don’t think we need an advantage situation summit every single week.” Watch the in-depth chat on Season 41, Episode 3, titled “My Million Dollar Mistake,” in our video recap above.

The third episode featured Brad Reese finding two Beware Advantages, though each with different instructions. One was the advantage found by Xander Hastings at the Yase camp, which involves saying a unique phrase at the Immunity Challenge to activate a shared three-way Hidden Immunity Idol. The other Beware Advantage involved going on a boat in the middle of the night to join castaways on the other tribes in playing a game of risk/reward. Brad won a vote steal from the summit, but he wasn’t able to use it at Tribal Council because the other Beware Advantage wasn’t activated, meaning he lost his vote. He ultimately left the game with two advantages in his pocket.

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Noble thinks it was a no-brainer to go for the vote steal in the risk/reward game, as long as you announced your intentions at the start of the meeting. “You might as well just say hot out the gate, ‘I’m taking the steal a vote, guys. so if you both do the same thing, you’re gonna lose your vote.'” Jacobsen replies that such a strategy might be a little too aggressive, but Dixon offers, “There’s nothing wrong with a little honesty in ‘Survivor.’ You just have to find a way to say it.”

There was unanimous agreement that Luvu will finally be going to their first Tribal Council next week, where Naseer Muttalif will likely be in trouble. The 36-year-old sales manager schemed with Sydney Segal to take out Danny McCray, but Sydney subsequently ratted out Naseer’s plan to the entire tribe. “Here’s my advice to Naseer, stop talking to Sydney,” quips Jacobsen. He’s thinking Sydney will be the first person booted from Luvu, while Dixon and Noble both think Naseer is in grave danger. As for their winner picks, Noble and Jacobsen are sticking with Shan Smith, who leads our winner pick odds, but Dixon is switching from his original choice of Evvie Jagoda to Ricard Foye.

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