‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 4: Ua tribe didn’t make ‘the right move’ [WATCH]

Another episode of “Survivor 41,” another Tribal Council where Ua had to vote out one of their own. The tribe is now down to just Ricard Foye, Shan Smith and Genie Chen, having voted out JD Robinson in this week’s episode. “That wasn’t the right move,” proclaims Gold Derby’s Matt Noble in a new slugfest with colleagues Marcus James Dixon and Kevin Jacobsen. Dixon concurs, especially considering JD had entrusted Shan with his extra vote advantage not once but twice. “They really did have JD in their pocket.” Watch the new chat for Season 41, Episode 4, titled “They Hate Me Because They Ain’t Me,” in our video recap above.

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While Jacobsen is still loving Shan as a character, he’s starting to worry about her gameplay in this pre-merge. “These are the kinds of moves that are typically reserved for a post-merge situation where you’re really making the flashy moves,” he observes. Assuming Ua goes to Tribal Council again next week and they vote out Genie, though, Noble theorizes that Ricard and Shan might have a plan in mind. “They can spin whatever story they want about what happened on the Ua tribe,” ponders Noble, assuming Ricard and Shan get to the merge together.

This episode also gave us more of a glimpse into the dynamics of the Luvu tribe, with Erika Casupanan emerging as a power player as she campaigned to take out Sydney Segal. Deshawn Radden in turn voiced his concern for Erika as a threat, to the extent that he wanted to throw the challenge just so they could vote her out. While Noble asserted that there are some contexts in which it makes sense to throw a challenge, this might not have been the most necessary one. Dixon and Jacobsen argue that there is really no context in which they would throw a challenge, especially, as Jacobsen adds, to get out a quieter player like Erika.

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The trio agreed that it was a great episode overall, especially in how it was more character-focused. “We didn’t have a whole lot of advantage nonsense to go through,” states Jacobsen. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this was probably the best episode of the season.”

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