‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 7: ‘The monster arrived on the island’ [WATCH]

“This was the best episode of Season 41 by far,” exclaims Gold Derby’s Marcus James Dixon after “Survivor’s” chaotic merge. He joins Kevin Jacobson and Matt Noble in our weekly Gold Derby “Survivor 41” slugfest. Matt adds, “Jeff Probst has described this season as a monster you have to outrun. This episode encapsulated that idea. The monster arrived on the island. We saw a lot of mistakes from a lot of people because that’s what happens when a monster comes.” Watch the lively discussion on Season 41, Episode 7, titled “There’s Gonna Be Blood,” in our video recap above.

The episode opened with Erika Casupanan making the decision to smash an hourglass, reversing the results of the previous episode’s immunity challenge. With more than half of the castaways immune, there were few places to hide. The new alliance of Liana Wallace, Shan Smith, Danny McCray and Deshawn Radden targeted Evvie Jagoda. The plan backfired when Liana tried to steal Xander Hasting’s immunity idol with her “Knowledge is Power” advantage, only to discover he had secretly given it to Tiffany Seely.

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Kevin describes, “I really enjoyed the moment where Liana mentioned people like [past legends] Parvati [Shallow] and Sandra [Diaz-Twine] and wanting to play like them. When you watch it on your couch you want to emulate those players, but when you get out there it’s a different story. She underestimated Xander, the surfer bro guy. It turned out he’s the one making the legendary move that Liana wanted to make. There was some nice irony there.”

Marcus remembers that Shan bears some responsibility for the blunder, saying, “You can go back to last week. Shan asks Liana about the advantage in front of Tiffany. The whole mess-up comes from that moment.” Eventually Sydney Segal was sent packing in a split vote after playing her Shot in the Dark. Matt questioned, “Why didn’t they put the most votes on Evvie in the vote split?”

In our Gold Derby predictions center, Shan has maintained her position as the winner frontrunner with 7/2 odds. Matt reflects, “Relationally she is very well placed and not anyone’s target. She hasn’t blown up her game but we have a seen a little bit of compliancy over the past couple of episodes.”

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