‘Survivor 41’ fans think Xander Hastings deserves to win among remaining 6 players [POLL RESULTS]

Only six players remain in the fight for $1 million on “Survivor 41”: Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldret, Ricard Foye and Xander Hastings. All six have gone down their own paths to make it to the endgame and fans are all over the place in who they think deserves to win the title of Sole Survivor. But in our recent poll, which asked you to vote for who should win “Survivor 41,” there was one clear choice that dominated the vote.

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Xander earned the lion’s share of votes, with a whopping 54%. The last remaining Yase member, Xander has yet to play his Immunity Idol and has persisted as an underdog through much of the game. He also showed savvy at the merge vote by faking out Liana Wallace, who was trying to steal his idol.

While Xander earned more votes in our poll than all the other remaining contenders combined, Ricard earned a sizable percentage of the vote, at 23%. Like Xander, Ricard is the last member of his original tribe, Ua, and has played a cutthroat game that included voting out his closest ally, Shan Smith.

Erika came in third, with 12% of the vote. She has played a mostly quiet game but is often shown thinking critically about the game. She has also gotten out of a few jams, with much of her original Luvu tribe wanting to get her out, and yet, she has survived.

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In the bottom half of the results, Danny came in fourth, with 6%. The ex-NFL player has played a quietly loyal game but is slowly emerging as a threat in the endgame.

Deshawn came in fifth place at 3%, which is a bit surprising considering how prominent of a character he’s been, though he has also been shown to have conflicts with his tribemates.

Solidly at the bottom of the poll with 2%, though, is Heather, who has had a handful of notable moments but is barely seen on the show compared to the other five.

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