‘Survivor 41’: Did Yase tribe make right decision by keeping Tiffany (again) in episode 2? [POLL]

The second episode of “Survivor 41” was a bit of deja vu for the yellow Yase tribe. After losing the first Immunity Challenge and voting out Eric Abraham in the premiere, they went on to lose again in Episode 2 where their tribe of five went down to four. And once again, Tiffany Seely faced the chopping block only to be saved by her allies, Evvie Jagoda and Liana Wallace. Instead, the group chose to vote out 34-year-old neurosurgeon David Voce. But did Yase make the right call? Vote in our poll and then defend your choice in the comments section.

Xander Hastings is proving to be a player to watch as this episode included him finding the Beware Advantage, on top of the extra vote advantage he got in the premiere. But it came with a price, as he won’t be able to vote in any Tribal Councils until the Beware Advantage is found at the other two tribes’ camps. This led players like Evvie and Tiffany to contemplate taking him out while they still could.

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It was also a tough episode overall for Yase as they continued to struggle without food and other supplies. That lack of energy was readily apparent in the challenge for Tiffany, who struggled to even make it across a balance beam out of sheer exhaustion. This slowed down her tribe significantly as they were forced to wait on her as the other tribes were already putting together their puzzles at the end.

During pre-Tribal Council strategizing, Voce and Xander wanted to take out Tiffany, while Evvie, Liana and Tiffany wanted to stick together and discussed voting out Xander. But Tiffany became soon paranoid that Xander might still have some sort of idol and campaigned to vote out Voce instead. The trio ultimately went with Tiffany’s plan in the end as Voce was sent packing. As was demonstrated in the premiere, Evvie, Liana and Tiffany are prioritizing their long-term alliance over all else, and it will be fun to see if they can stick it out or if they ultimately made a grave error.

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