‘Survivor’ contestants pay tribute to Jonathan Penner’s wife, who dies of ALS at age 56

Jonathan Penner‘s wife Stacy Beth Title has died of ALS at age 56. The three-time “Survivor” player (“Cook Islands,” “Micronesia” and “Philippines”) tweeted the sad news on Monday. Title was an Oscar-nominated director for “Down on the Waterfront” (Best Live Action Short, 1993) who continued to work after her diagnosis in 2017. “Survivor” fans will remember Title from her two appearances on the reality TV show. She visited her husband during the “Cook Islands” loved ones reward in 2006 (watch above), and the couple appeared virtually for a “CBS Cares” profile about ALS during “Winners at War” in 2020 (watch below).

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“When my wife Stacy was diagnosed with ALS we found new meaning to the word ‘Survivor,'” Penner said last year. His wife’s story gained new traction when it was brought up on the island in “Winners at War” by Yul Kwon, Penner’s former co-star in “Cook Islands.”

Kwon told the story to Sarah Lacina and Wendell Holland during the fifth episode of that landmark 40th season. “Oh my god, it’s so hard,” he revealed. “She can’t breathe on her own, so she’s on assisted breathing. She can’t swallow, so she needs 24-hour care. Jonathan’s with her all the time. They always have some nurse or someone who’s helping, because she literally can’t do anything by herself. I just feel so bad for them.” He later added, “It’s been an absolutely devastating knock-out punch. Stacy has lost control of most of her body except for her eyes. They’re under a tremendous amount of strain, emotionally and financially, and it just broke my heart.” Kwon dedicated his time on “Winners at War” to raising awareness for ALS; he was voted out on Day 18.

In the aftermath of Penner’s announcement of his wife’s death, former “Survivor” contestants are paying tribute to Title on Twitter. Here are just some of their responses:

Yul Kwon: “I’m heartbroken at Stacy’s passing. I’ll always remember and be inspired by Stacy’s courage, grace, and passion for life. She was my hero. My love goes to @SurvivorPenner and their family.”

Kellyn Bechtold: “I’m so sorry. Sending love to you and your family during this unfathomable time of loss.”

Mike Holloway: “Sending our love. She always had the warmest smile in the room. Tonight we cheers a life that touched so many lives. Love ya man.”

Denise Stapley: “Sending nothing but love…so thankful for the paths that crossed years ago.”

Jessica Lewis: “Much love to you thank you for being an inspiration to us all. She will remain with all of us because you allowed us in.”

Hannah Shapiro: “So sorry for your loss. Thankful to have met her even virtually. Sending you and your family love and strength.”

Kelley Wentworth: “I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending all the love and hugs to you and your family.”

James Lim: “I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Jonathan. Sending you my love and prayers – may Stacy rest in peace.”

Wendell Holland: “Sending you and your family love and condolences. I’m so so sorry. Yul always spoke so highly of your love for Stacy and of Stacy’s fight. Although we never met, I feel this in my heart man. Much love, brother.”

Ethan Zohn: “Sending love and light to the Penner Tribe. May Stacy’s name be blessed forever and ever. Sending love and light.”

Stephen Fishbach: “Oh no – so sorry for your loss, Jonathan.”

Adam Klein: “Sending so much love and strength. I am so terribly sorry. Your love for each other is the kind of love we should all aspire to.”

Rob Mariano: “We are so sorry @SurvivorPenner Our deepest condolences.”

Rob Cesternino: “I’m so sorry to hear about this! Sending you and your family all of our love, Penner!”

Tina Wesson: “Both of you are a light to this world. Do not forget she is STILL with you. You will see. A love as strong and fierce as yours cannot be ceased by death. She will let you know ‘I am here my love!’ Watch and see. Prayers for you and your family as you navigate these waters.”

Zeke Smith: “Sending my love to you and your family. Stacy’s memory, impact, and spirit will live on in the millions she touched and inspired.”

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