‘Survivor’ most days played: Which 19 castaways hold the record?

After two decades and 41 seasons, who are the 19 “Survivor” castaways with the most days played on the island? Obviously, frequent returnees “Queen” Sandra Diaz-Twine, “Boston” Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow all make the list, but some of the other record-holders may surprise you. Tour our photos above that detail all of the CBS reality TV show’s longest-running cast members.

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Sandra, a two-time “Survivor” winner, clocks in at a total of 110 days after competing on four seasons. She won “Pearl Islands” (39 days) and “Heroes vs. Villains” (39 days), and also took part in “Game Changers” (16 days) and “Winners at War” (16 days; it would have been longer but she raised the white mast when she got to the Edge of Extinction). Also, we’re not counting the time she spent on “Island of the Idols,” as she merely served as a mentor to the new contestants.

Likewise, Rob’s time on “Island of the Idols” doesn’t count toward his total days played, which comes to a whopping 152 after five seasons. The Red Sox fanatic claimed victory in “Redemption Island” (39 days), but he also took part in “Marquesas” (21 days), “All-Stars” (39 days), “Heroes vs. Villains” (18 days) and “Winners at War” (35 days). Fun fact: Rob’s wife Amber Brkich Mariano, who he met on “All-Stars,” also makes our list with a total of 107 days.

Parvati comes in just behind Rob with 149 total days. She prevailed on “Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites” (39 days), and also competed on the following three installment: “Cook Islands” (36 days), “Heroes vs. Villains” (39 days) and “Winners at War” (35 days). Just like Rob and Amber, Parvati’s time on “Winners at War” consisted of some days on the island and some days at the Edge of Extinction.

Six other winners make the list of most days played: Tyson Apostol (“Blood vs. Water”), Jeremy Collins (“Cambodia”), Sarah Lacina (“Game Changers”), Ethan Zohn (“Africa”), Tony Vlachos (“Cagayan” and “Winners at War”) and Tina Wesson (“The Australian Outback”). The rest of the record-holders are fan-favorites who frequently returned to the show, but were never able to claim victory.

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