Psst! ‘Survivor’ sneak peek video reveals secret Final 3 deal between Deshawn, Erika and Xander [WATCH]

With only six players left on “Survivor 41,” it’s understandable that different alliances would start to form in the lead-up to the December 15 finale. But who would have seen this alliance coming? In CBS’s new “Survivor” sneak peek video (watch above), Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan and Xander Hastings discuss a Final 3 deal that they hope can bring them to the end. The scene in question takes place following the reward challenge in the December 8 episode, titled “Truth Kamikaze.”

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“I honestly believe in what I told you yesterday as far as a Final 3,” Deshawn confirms to Erika at the watering hole. “And here’s the reason why. You and I were on the same tribe but we didn’t really play the game the same way, so that’s different. If you bring Heather, you guys kind of have a similar story.” He’s referring to Heather Aldret, who’s been by Erika’s side for the entire game. Deshawn later adds, “The three of us have three different stories and we all can tell it individually.”

Erika totally agrees with him, declaring, “I worry about if people see Heather and I as one.” She then states in a confessional, “One of my fears at the end is people not being able to differentiate the game that Heather played vs. the game that I played. So in talking to Deshawn, I’m thinking, maybe the chicken reward Final 3 is the right Final 3. Having Deshawn stay in the game [via the ‘Do or Die’ twist] is new life for him and it was a new opportunity for us to potentially get our working relationship back on track and make the big move we’ve always said we wanted to make together.”

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Deshawn tells the camera that he, Erika and Xander all played “very different games” and they have a “fair shot when we pitch to the jury.” However, he also admits that part of the reason he chatted with Erika at the water well was because he wanted her to say “verbally out loud” that she can’t go to the end with Heather. “I don’t know how that information would suit me in the future, I just wanted to plant the seed with her and just see what would happen,” he concludes.

Alas, Xander’s opinion is not revealed in the sneak peek video, but since he’s been playing from the bottom since the merge, it only makes sense he’d want to cling to any Final 3 deal presented to him. Find out how the episode plays out when “Survivor” airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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