‘Survivor’ sneak peek video: Genie Chen finds Ua’s re-hidden Beware Idol, but does she keep it secret? [WATCH]

Two weeks ago on “Survivor 41,” Brad Reese found a Beware Advantage at his Ua tribe that would gain power as a hidden immunity idol only after the other two tribes located theirs. All three idol holders would then have to recite their secret sayings at the next challenge, in front of the entire cast. Unfortunately, Brad was voted out with the advantage in his pocket, so fans have been wondering for weeks what would happen next. Well, in CBS’s latest “Survivor” sneak peek video (watch above), we finally have our answer.

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The last three members of Ua — Genie Chen, Ricard Foye and Shantel “Shan” Smith — have a feeling Brad’s advantage was re-hidden somewhere at camp, as has been a long-standing “Survivor” tradition. “I’ll search around the water well and see if I can find that Beware Idol,” Genie tells the group one morning.

As Genie digs around at the water well, she explains via a confessional, “Right now at this moment we gotta fend for ourselves. We are the fewest number of people of any tribe — we got three. So we need every arsenal and every tool we can have.” To compare, Yase has four members while Luvu is still strong at six.

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Genie doesn’t have much luck at the water well so she starts searching along the trail. And sure enough, she finds the Beware Advantage hidden at the base of a tree. “What?! I found an immunity idol?” shouts the 46-year-old Portland resident. She then starts running through the jungle in order to tell Ricard and Shan the good news. Realistically, there’s no reason for Genie to keep this a secret since she’ll have to recite her saying out loud in front of everybody in order for her idol to be activated.

Xander Hastings of the Yase tribe is also in possession of his camp’s Beware Idol, which means Yase and Ua are both waiting on the Luvu tribe to find theirs. Once all three idols are discovered and the unique sayings are spoken aloud, the idols will gain their power. Here are the exact quotes:

Yase (Xander): “I truly believe that butterflies are dead relatives saying hi.”

Ua (Genie): “I didn’t realize this till now, broccoli is just a bunch of small trees.”

Luvu (TBA): “I’m as confused as a goat on astroturf.”

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