‘Survivor’ sneak peek video: Ricard STILL refuses to give back Shan’s extra vote [WATCH]

In the first episode of “Survivor 41,” JD Robinson earned an extra vote thanks to the risk/reward mini-challenge at his summit with Xander Hastings and Danny McCray. Several days later, JD allowed Shantel “Shan” Smith to hold onto his advantage as a way to prove his worth as an ally … and she promptly voted him out. (D’oh!) In the most recent fifth episode, Shan gave that same extra vote to Ricard Foye because she was worried she wouldn’t have a vote at tribal council due to the three-way Beware Advantage not yet being activated. But when it became activated (thanks to Naseer Muttalif and Xander Hastings), her vote was reinstated and so she asked for her extra vote back. Ricard refused.

Now, in the upcoming sixth episode, it appears as though Ricard is still refusing to return Shan’s extra vote advantage. “If we’re in it together, it really doesn’t matter,” he tells her in CBS’s “Survivor” sneak peek video (watch above). He reiterates, “I’m not fighting you on it. I just don’t see why it matters.”

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Ricard’s position is simple. Since he and Shan are working together as a twosome, it really doesn’t matter who physically has possession of the extra vote since they’d have to agree to use it anyway. But since Shan already has a hidden immunity idol in her pocket, he thinks the second advantage would be “just too much.”

He tells her, “The way you’re approaching me, instead of being like, ‘Oh, hey, can I have it?’ you literally just could have come in and been like, ‘Oh, you promised to give it back, can I have it back?’ I shouldn’t have to be on some tight schedule.”

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Shan fires back, “If you would have offered it last night, I would have been like, ‘Oh, thank you.'” In a private confessional, she calls Ricard her “number one since day one.” However, it “doesn’t sit right” with her that he promised to give it back and then he didn’t.

Whose side are you on in the Ricard vs. Shan extra vote drama? Find out how it all goes down during the sixth episode of Season 41, titled “Ready to Play Like a Lion,” airing Wednesday night on CBS.

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