‘Survivor’ sneak peek video: Yase tribe discovers hundreds of baby turtles — aww, cute! [WATCH]

The Yase tribe takes a break from all the drama during Wednesday’s fourth episode of “Survivor 41” when they discover hundreds of baby turtles that have just been hatched. “You have to see this,” Tiffany Seely excitedly tells her tribe mates Liana Wallace, Xander Hastings and Evvie Jagoda. “You gotta hurry. It’s crazy. Follow me.” She then escorts her friends through the jungle to a nearby beach, where they witness the cute little reptiles scurrying across the sand to get to the water. Watch the “Survivor” sneak peek video above before the episode airs October 13 on CBS.

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Yase jokingly gives the turtles some Jeff Probst-like “motivation,” telling them to “dig deep” and that they “gotta dig.” At one point, a shelled baby has trouble getting out of a hole, but after the tribe’s encouragement, it is able to escape and continue on its journey.

Evvie cleverly likens the turtles to their own journey as a tribe. “Everyone counted us out and it looked like there was no way for us to succeed in this game,” she begins. “We just flopped our way through every hurdle that’s come our way. We’ve just never given up and keep trying and those little turtles, they were doing the same thing. It doesn’t even make sense that a turtle that little should be able to get from wherever they hatched to the ocean and yet they just never, ever gave up. And that’s the story of the Yase tribe, you know? People counted us out, but we’re not out.”

Yase began the game in dire straights, not being able to complete the first reward challenge because they couldn’t find one of their ores. They then lost the first two immunity challenges where they voted out Eric Abraham and David Voce. If Yase were to lose again, they’d be down to only three tribe members, compared to four for Ua and six for Luvu.

As for the tribe dynamics, it seems like Xander could be on the outs if Evvie, Tiffany and Liana decide to stick together. Last time Tiffany was worried Xander had a hidden immunity idol, which is why the girls booted Voce instead. In truth, Xander’s idol isn’t yet activated because Luvu hasn’t located their clue; Ua found their clue but the holder, Brad Reese, was eliminated, so it’s likely the Ua clue will be re-hidden.

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