‘The Voice 21’ power rankings: Which artist is best positioned to win Tuesday night’s finale?

The top five artists are set to take the stage Monday night in “The Voice” season 21 performance finale, but only one of them will win their coach another trophy when America’s decision is revealed on Tuesday, December 14. Ariana Grande was knocked out of contention in her first season when her final artist, Jim and Sasha Allen, were eliminated last Tuesday. That means either Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton or John Legend will add a win to their cumulative total instead.

Kelly and Blake’s artists split the public vote in the semi-final round and bring two artists apiece to the finale. Team Kelly is represented by folk trio Girl Named Tom and the youngest artist of the season, pop singer Hailey Mia, who she stole from Ariana in the battles. Team Blake is represented by two genre-defying artists, Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham, who he stole from John in the knockouts. Team John brings the fifth artist to the finale, Jershika Maple who he picked up in a battles steal from Kelly and has saved herself from elimination two weeks in a row.

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Below is our “The Voice 21” power ranking ahead of the finale performances. Sound off in the comments and let us know which artist is your favorite and whether or not you think they’ll win. Whose mantle do YOU think the season 21 trophy headed to?

1. Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly) – 1/2 odds to win

There’s something to be said about how different Girl Named Tom is to all the other artists this season and so if the coaches are talking about “lanes” then they’ve always been  the ones most “in their own.” They also are the only artists to consistently crack the Top 100 in iTunes streaming following their performances, suggesting the most wide follow-up support from the audience. Most users are predicting them for the win and we agree, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted that the four acts they’re up against are more akin to the traditional winners we’re used to on the show. Girl Named Tom also picks some rather obscure songs to perform and that could alienate some voters when it comes to the finale.

2. Wendy Moten (Team Blake) – 9/2 odds to win

If Girl Named Tom falters in the finale, it is likely at the hands of Wendy who, without a doubt, had the single best performance of the season with “You’re All I Need to Get By” in the semi-finals. Since she first auditioned, all the coaches have widely hailed Wendy as the heir-apparent to the throne and she has certainly put in the work each week to earn the title. No one has worked harder than Wendy, that’s for sure. We’d add that without an artist of her own in contention, Ariana, who has been a huge fan of Wendy all season, is probably not going to be shy about throwing her support behind the vocal technician of the group.

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3. Hailey Mia (Team Kelly) – 19/2 odds to win

For anyone looking to make a gutsy prediction for the win, we’d go with Hailey who might actually be the most exciting presence of the five. Kelly has refused to let us forget that Hailey is only 14 years old (13 at the time of her blind!) and that her confidence on stage and vocal ability are way beyond where they should be at such a young age. After having to save herself from elimination in the first week of the live shows, Hailey has rebounded by improving in performance quality and song selection each and every week. If she continues to bring her best on Monday night then it would be foolish to completely count her out.

4. Paris Winningham (Team Blake) – 100/1 odds to win

What Paris has going for him in the final vote is the opportunity to be the only artist occupying both the gospel and country lane. Like many of the artists this season, Paris has defied genre, jumping from songs like “Tennessee Whiskey” to “What’s Going On” two weeks later. We think he’s been incredibly intentional about his song choices all season and will continue to be in the finale, so despite his lack of support in our current odds he is definitely one to watch.

5. Jershika Maple (Team Legend) – 18/1 odds to win

Falling outside of the public vote for the last two weeks, it would be a shocker to see Jershika do a complete 180 and unseat all of the other four to claim the win. That being said, the odds were against Jershika last week with most users predicting her elimination. That she was able to best all of Lana, Jim & Sasha, and Joshua in the Instant Save speaks volumes of Jershika’s power to execute under pressure and win over the ears and hearts of the audience. We suspect that Jershika will have a ton of fans tuning in for the finale and it’s very possible she exceeds the 5th place spot most are expecting her to finish in.

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