‘The Voice’: Which Team Kelly Clarkson artist has best chance of winning Season 21? [POLL]

Kelly Clarkson has returned to “The Voice” for this current Fall 2021 cycle after already winning three times over the years with Brynn Cartelli, Chevel Shepherd and Jake Hoot. The three-time Grammy champion rose to fame by winning “American Idol” Season 1 in 2002, and she officially signed on to coach “The Voice” in 2018. Kelly finished creating her 12-person team during the October 5 episode, but they’ll soon be pared down in the battles, knockouts and live shows. Which Team Kelly Clarkson artist do YOU think has the best chance of winning Season 21? Vote in our poll below and then defend your choice in the comments section. (Also vote in our polls for Team Ariana, Team Blake and Team Legend.)

Age: 28
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Resident: San Antonio, Texas
NBC bio: Aaron grew up in an athletic and military family but decided to blaze his own trail and pursue music. He started singing, learned to play the drums, and performed for the first time in his eighth-grade talent show and won. He went on to learn piano, began songwriting and started singing with various groups. After college, Aaron was continuing with his music when he found out his mom had stage 3 breast cancer. He was ready to move home and take care of her, but she pushed him to stay the course and focus on his music. After two years of chemo, his mom is now cancer free and has inspired Aaron to put his talents to the test on “The Voice.”

Age: 23
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Resident: Reno, Nevada
NBC bio: Carolina grew up in a lively Mexican family surrounded by music. Her father worked as a part-time musician for various mariachi bands and always encouraged her to sing. Carolina finally got the courage to join the choir in high school and after her first performance, she was hooked. She started gigging with her dad every weekend, but when it came time for college, Carolina turned her focus to science in hopes of becoming a pharmacist. Carolina is currently a senior in college, but she isn’t ready to give up on music and comes to “The Voice” to see if she has what it takes to pursue her real dream of being a singer.

Age: 15 (Macie), 14 (Marie)
Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio
Resident: Hamilton, Ohio
NBC bio: This sister duo comes from a long line of musicians. Their grandparents were in bands and choirs and their father is a rapper and DJ, so it was no surprise when they started singing. Although they radiate happiness and positivity, their life hasn’t always been easy. Sadly, they endured severe bullying at their performing arts school and had to transfer, but they continue to hold their heads high and focus on their love of music. They both sing at church, while Macie also participates in show choir, and their combined talents won them first place in a local competition. Outside of music, the girls enjoy spending time with family, especially their three new siblings that their parents recently took in, now making them a family of 11.

Age: 26 (Caleb), 24 (Joshua), 20 (Bekah)
Hometown: Pettisville, Ohio
Resident: South Bend, Indiana
NBC bio: Hailing from a small town, this sibling trio was initially homeschooled, and music became a big part of their curriculum. They enrolled in piano lessons at a young age and joined theater once they started attending public school. Despite their artistic upbringing, they all planned to become doctors, but things changed when their father was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017. When Bekah finished high school and the boys finished college, their father’s prognosis was still unknown, so they decided to spend more time as a family and formed their trio in 2019. Girl Named Tom is grateful for the chance to bring joy to their family and hopes to make their hometown proud on “The Voice.”

Age: 23
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Resident: East Point, Georgia
NBC bio: Gymani grew up in the church where both of her parents were ministers. Her entire family is musical so singing came to her naturally, and she participated in chorus and band throughout school. She decided to pursue music in college and got accepted into Berklee College of Music, but sadly wasn’t able to attend after falling on hard times financially. Last year, Gymani welcomed her second daughter and has been working two jobs to make ends meet as a single mom. Through it all, she never gave up on her music and has been gigging in the Atlanta area at various events. Gymani is ready to do music on a larger scale and hopes her time on “The Voice” will inspire her daughters to always follow their dreams.

Age: 30
Hometown: Argillite, Kentucky
Resident: Catlettsburg, Kentucky
NBC bio: Holly joined choir in middle school, around the same time she started having medical issues and ended up losing her hair. She often felt self-conscious because of her appearance, but luckily music allowed her to regain her confidence. She started singing competitively and currently gigs with her partner Seth, the father of her two children. Outside of being a mom, Holly is a caregiver at a center for adults with disabilities. She helps teach them daily tasks like cooking and cleaning and sings with them as a way to incorporate her love for music.

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Age: 29
Hometown: Queens, New York
Resident: Tampa, Florida
NBC bio: Jeremy grew up in a large Puerto Rican family in Queens, New York, and got his start singing at neighborhood block parties. At 10 years old, his family moved to Florida and Jeremy began participating in choir at church and school. He later became a worship leader and started gaining traction in the local music scene. At 21, he got the opportunity to open for Andrea Bocelli in Germany and finally felt his career taking off. However, later that year Jeremy made the biggest decision of his life and decided to take over guardianship of his niece, since he was the most fit to care for her. He spent the next seven years solely focused on being a dad, but now that his daughter is 18, Jeremy is ready to get back to music.

Age: 24
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Resident: Killeen, Texas
NBC bio: Jershika grew up singing in church, but her dad was in the military so her family moved around. Once she was in middle school, they finally settled down and Jershika was able to get into music. She joined every choir she could and was thrilled to have a steady group of friends, but unfortunately her family moved again halfway through her senior year. Jershika remained focused on graduating and went on to pursue her dream of music. To make ends meet, she currently works full time as a security guard and spends her nights and weekends gigging. Jershika has made a name for herself in the local gospel world but is ready to leave her day job behind and work solely on her music.

Age: 35
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Resident: Nashville, Tennessee
NBC bio: Kinsey packed her bags and moved to Nashville over a decade ago and has spent every waking minute on the music grind. She got her start singing at the famous honky-tonk Tootsies and went on to form her own band that played at just about every bar on Broadway for many years. Kinsey got to meet Vince Gill at one of her gigs, and after reconnecting with him he offered to sing on her album. Kinsey released her song “Fair Weather Love” featuring Gill in 2015 and before she knew it, she was being invited to perform abroad. She continued to hustle and has managed to fully support herself with her singing career. Although she’s had plenty of success, Kinsey is still waiting on her big break and hopes to find it on “The Voice.”

Age: 29
Hometown: Exeter, New Hampshire
Resident: Nashville, Tennessee
NBC bio: Parker was heavily involved in musical theater and choir growing up and after high school she focused on theater with some success. Ultimately, she decided to pursue music and moved to Nashville in 2014. Parker started singing on side stages for big names like Sheryl Crow and Rascal Flatts, and even got to open for Martina McBride. In 2020, she got the devastating news that her mom had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of dementia. Even as she was declining, she always perked up when Parker would play her music or the two would sing together. Before she passed away, Parker was able to tell her mom about her opportunity on “The Voice” and knows she’ll be cheering her on as she takes the stage.

Age: 24
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Resident: Ruther Glen, Virginia
NBC bio: Wyatt grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia not far from Quantico, where his dad was stationed as a Marine. Being raised by a drill instructor made for a strict upbringing, but his mom gave him an appreciation for the arts and put him in piano lessons at eight years old. He also took guitar lessons and started gigging locally after forming a rock band with his brother at 15. To relax, Wyatt started listening to jazz music and found his voice really suited the genre. After high school, he began performing solo as a jazz musician and started perfecting his stage presence as a crooner. For the last three years, Wyatt has been a full-time musician and hopes to introduce jazz classics to a younger generation on “The Voice.”

Age: 17
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Resident: Los Angeles, California
NBC bio: Xavier grew up in an athletic family and after enrolling him in several sports they realized he may be better suited for the arts. He grew up singing and started taking piano lessons, but later got picked on for being an artistic kid. Xavier used songwriting as a way to express himself and finally found his community after joining musical theater in high school. He started entering in singing competitions and open mic nights and is currently in two a cappella groups. Through a cappella, Xavier has found a confidence he thought he’d never have and is excited to flex his skills on “The Voice.”

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