Watch the ‘American Horror Story’ moment everyone’s talking about: Evan Peters and Frances Conroy singing ‘Islands In the Stream’

If you had “Evan Peters and Frances Conroy singing karaoke” on your “AHS” Bingo card, you’re in luck. These two longtime cast members let loose during the August 25 season premiere with a tender rendition of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers‘ 1983 love ballad “Islands In the Stream.” Above, watch the “American Horror Story: Double Feature” video clip that everyone’s talking about.

Long-delayed because of Covid-19, the 10th season finally aired on Wednesday night with lots of former cast members returning to the fold. Peters takes on the role of playwright Austin Sommers while Conroy portrays famed author Sarah “Belle Noir” Cunningham. The unlikely duo comes to Provincetown, Massachusetts every year in order to get the juices flowing — both figuratively and literally. The mysterious black pills they take turn them into vampire-like monsters whose talent increases immensely when they drink human blood.

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Other returning cast members for “Red Tide” (aka the first part of the titular “Double Feature”) include Finn Wittrock and Lily Rabe as the central Gardner couple, Sarah Paulson as a homeless local nicknamed TB Karen, Adina Porter as Chief Burelson, Leslie Grossman as talent agent Ursula and Billie Lourd as dentist/tattoo artist Leslie “Lark” Feldman. Upcoming episodes will welcome back “AHS” stars Angelica Ross and Denis O’Hare.

Peters and Conroy’s karaoke moment also serves as their introductory scene to the season, as seen through the eyes of Wittrock’s Harry. The struggling TV writer visits the local restaurant solo after his wife, Rabe’s Doris, gets sick, and watches them sing at the piano with a slightly judgmental look in his eyes. Harry also gets hit on by Macaulay Culkin‘s prostitute character Mickey, but he’s quick to inform him that he’s married.

“American Horror Story” is no stranger to “Glee”-ing things up when the situation arises. In “Asylum” (Season 2), the various characters of the mental ward performed a psychedelic version of “The Name Game.” In “Coven” (Season 3), Stevie Nicks entertained the witches with a cover of “Seven Wonders.” In “Freak Show” (Season 4), Jessica Lange‘s Elsa Mars took the stage three separate times to sing “Life On Mars,” “Gods and Monsters” and “Heroes.” Also that same year, Paulson’s conjoined twins performed “Dream A Little Dream of Me” and “Criminal,” and Peters’ Jimmy Darling rocked out to “Come As You Are.”

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Here’s what “AHS” fans are saying about Peters and Conroy singing “Islands In the Stream” from the premiere of “Double Feature”:

Television Fanatic: “I have watched this scene over and over. It’s one of the best AHS scenes in the whole series.”

PinkSugar: “This is one of the best things AHS has ever done.”

Beth Pearsall: “Evan Peters back on AHS and singing on the first episode, made my night.”

Coty Alan: “Frances Conroy is literally the best.”

Milani Moreno: “They need to release a whole version of this song.”

Al Mikk: “They complimented each other so well they looked so natural like they’ve known each other for years ICONIC PERFORMANCES AND from what it seems iconic antagonists as well.”

systemfailed: “They deserve to get an Emmy for this scene, they are amazing omg.”

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