Xavier Prather (‘Big Brother 23’) finale spotlight: ‘I refuse to be denied what I’ve worked so hard for’

Heading into the “Big Brother” house, Xavier Prather knew people would target him because of his athletic build. The former collegiate basketball player chose to conceal his identity as an athlete and attorney, stating in Episode 36, “I needed to do everything in my power to minimize my threat.” Xavier’s strategy paid off and now the 27-year old lawyer from Milwaukee will face off against Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier on Wednesday’s live Season 23 finale hosted by Julie Chen Moonves. Read on for our “Big Brother 23” finale spotlight on Xavier.

Xavier also knew that the best way to protect himself in the “Big Brother” house was through alliances. On Day 1 he formed a final two deal with Derek F. (Big D) and he also joined a Week 1 alliance formed by Brandon “Frenchie” French called the Slaughterhouse. Later, Xavier was a part of the Royal Flush alliance made up of members from the Kings and Queens teams along with Derek Xiao from the Aces. Of course, the most important alliance he joined was none other than the Cookout.

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As a Black man in America, the mission of the Cookout was extremely important to Xavier because “representation matters.” The mission was to ensure that “Big Brother” crowned the first Black winner and Xavier feels as though he was the glue that held this dominant alliance together. As tempers flared and members within the Cookout fought, Xavier used his calm demeanor and mediation skills to smooth things over.

In addition to playing a great social game this summer, Xavier was very strategic about how he competed. Throwing competitions early in the game was essential for him to maintain a “low threat level.” He also wanted to win one HOH competition early on to establish relationships with the other houseguests and ensure they could trust him when he was in power. On Week 3 he won his first HOH competition and targeted Brent Champagne, which allowed him to gain favor with the house and ensure no member of the Cookout would be evicted.

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Although it may seem like Xavier has sailed through this CBS reality TV competition, things haven’t always gone his way. He faced the chopping block five times throughout the summer, but won competitions when he needed to. On two separate occasions Xavier pulled himself off the block by winning the golden Power of Veto. The casualty of one of those wins was Alyssa Lopez, an ally Xavier says was the hardest to watch walk out the door. Following her eviction, the Cookout had achieved its mission of reaching the final six.

With only the Cookout remaining, Xavier declared he was finally playing an individual game. He already had final two deals with Big D and Kyland Young in place. Next, Xavier focused on removing his biggest threat to winning the grand prize, Tiffany Mitchell. “I was able to convince Kyland to target Tiffany during his HOH week,” Xavier explained from the Diary Room. “Unfortunately, Hannah [Chaddha] had to go next. That set me up so both of my final two deals with Big D and Kyland remained in the final four.”

During the final four, Xavier won the last regular HOH competition of the summer and the most important Veto. He used his power to convince Big D to evict Kyland, eliminating another big threat from the game. “My desire to win this season is to pay homage to my late brother,” Xavier has explained. “My brother passed shortly before I entered the ‘Big Brother’ house and he left behind a son. I made a promise to my brother that as long as I was around his son would want for nothing. At this stage of the game losing is not an option. I refuse to be denied what I’ve worked so hard for.”

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