2022 SAG Awards live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments of the 28th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

The Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment of the SAG Awards. Keep up-to-date with our live blog musings on the best, worst and craziest moments of the 28th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Read commentary from our team of journalists who cover the awards beat year-round.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the results of these awards, which have about a success rate of about 75% when it comes to predicting the winners of the four individual acting awards at the Oscars. The SAG Awards nominating committee spread the wealth, with “House of Gucci” and “The Power of the Dog” being the only two movies to merit three nominations. Over on the TV side, “Succession” and “Ted Lasso” netting a leading five bids apiece (ensemble plus four individual stars).

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Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, “Ted Lasso” wins the award for Ensemble Cast I’d Most Like to Hang Out With

Charlie Bright: Loved all the gags the Ted Lasso cast was bringing us from the UK

Rob Licuria: That was so entertaining!

Charlie Bright: Pretty good ceremony with amazing speeches.

Daniel Montgomery: I think this is gonna be one of those just-SAG winners like “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Hidden Figures.” But this probably puts “CODA” in the top five, the feel-good alternative against a few bummer movies

Marcus James Dixon: Best speech of the night! Did “CODA” just jump up to #2 at the Oscars for Best Picture?

Rob Licuria: God I love CODA. I want it to win the Oscar for BP

Charlie Bright: Apple TV+ looks like the big winner tonight!

Marcus James Dixon: My favorite movie of the year was “CODA” and now it just won two SAG Awards! I feel seen.

Charlie Bright: Is this Marlee’s first SAG Award ever?


Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, I think he’s been pretty strong all season since the movie has been holding steady or over-performing at most awards events. This kinda seals the deal. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he takes BAFTA too at this point

Marcus James Dixon: Will Smith just won the Oscar. Those tears!

Rob Licuria: And now for the award for Best Ensemble in a Limited Ser….. oh wait. Never mind

Marcus James Dixon: They should start presenting stunts on the red carpet! Oh wait, they already do that.

Charlie Bright: Uh-oh. SAG is going to finish 5 minutes after the scheduled time. We’re going to have to trim categories for next year!

BEST FILM ACTOR: Will Smith (“King Richard”)

Daniel Montgomery: Ooh, clips are back! They just skipped them for those nobody TV actors like Kate Winslet and Michael Keaton LOL

Charlie Bright: No obvious single alternative = Dune win

Marcus James Dixon: “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” will be the new “The Iron Lady”

Rob Licuria: Coming 2 America killed at the MUAHS. And Dune has to contend with Cruella as well.

Charlie Bright: This year called. It asks you to stop living in the past.

Rob Licuria: Bombshell called. It wanted to remind us that it beat two BP nominees in 2019.

Charlie Bright: I have a hard time seeing that.

Daniel Montgomery: If Chastain ends up winning Best Actress, she could pull Makeup/Hairstyling along with her

Charlie Bright: Dune’s a Best Picture nominee. It’s got Makeup pretty secure.

Rob Licuria: Yes it is.

Charlie Bright: No it’s not

Rob Licuria: Makeup is as difficult as Actress!

Rob Licuria: …now watch her win.

Daniel Montgomery: I think K. Stew missing almost everywhere else and the film getting no other Oscar noms (even costumes, score) hurts her too much, and she’s not considered due yet I don’t think. And the other three ladies already have Oscars

Rob Licuria: I don’t think so!

Charlie Bright: I still don’t think it’s going to win Makeup

Marcus James Dixon: Is “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” really going to win two Oscars? I think so!

Rob Licuria: Marcia Gay Harden is burning sage for her.

Charlie Bright: Can’t rule her out

Rob Licuria: Agreed Daniel. My only glimmer of hope is …. Here comes KStew

Daniel Montgomery: I think tonight just tipped the scales for Chastain and Kotsur. They’re both well positioned and have the narratives, and Chastain won’t have to worry about another Oscar nominee winning BAFTA


BEST FILM ACTRESS: Jessica Chastain (“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”)

Rob Licuria: Thank you for not playing off Michael Keaton

Luca Giliberti: I am pretty sure this is Hulu’s first SAG Award victory!

BEST TV MOVIE/MINI ACTOR: Michael Keaton (“Dopesick”)

Daniel Montgomery: I’m glad they included Stuart Damon, so great on “General Hospital” for all those years

Charlie Bright: Heck, just the ones we’ve lost in the last couple of months is insane.

Daniel Montgomery: I forgot how utterly devastating this past year was losing so many great and legendary actors and a lot of people way too soon


Luca Giliberti: I hate it when they have to cut down on clips.

Daniel Montgomery: Welp, acting clips have gone out the window. Hate it when that happens

BEST TV MOVIE/MINI ACTRESS: Kate Winslet (“Mare of Easttown”)

Daniel Montgomery: Nicholas Braun is so tall his head isn’t even in frame


Daniel Montgomery: Had a feeling it would still go to “Succession.” They really did love the show with those five nominations, but I’m glad they didn’t sweep and “Squid Game” was able to get those wins

Charlie Bright: Please let Cousin Greg speak for the cast!


Daniel Montgomery: She kinda is. She hosts that “Harry Potter” trivia show on HBO Max

Marcus James Dixon: How was she never in “Harry Potter”?

Daniel Montgomery: I’m outraged they snubbed “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” from Helen Mirren’s clip package


Charlie Bright: Just breathe Marcus. Just breathe.

Marcus James Dixon: Three hours later and I’m still not over “Mare of Easttown” losing the stunt ensemble prize. Worst robbery since Brink’s!

Rob Licuria: Daniel Durant is so awesome. Just wanted to put that out there.

Daniel Montgomery: And Troy Kotsur keeps putting on the charm offensive. I think he’s got the Oscar. Everyone’s gonna want him on their stage giving a speech.

Rob Licuria: Succession is still beloved. It has 5 nominations!

Rob Licuria: I was thinking Yellowstone could’ve done it with its blockbuster ratings, but SG is on fire.

Daniel Montgomery: I could easily see “Succession” still winning the top prize. I think it’s rare for one show to win actor, actress, and cast in the same year

Charlie Bright: I just want to know who that hot presenter was that I have never heard of

Rob Licuria: Or, it could be that SAG-AFTRA voters really really love Squid Game! It’s a global phenomenon!

Charlie Bright: Bingo Marcus! This is the one awards show that Succession cannot catch a break at.

Marcus James Dixon: Apparently “Succession” being snubbed for Season 1 and Season 2 was not a fluke. These voters simply don’t love the show like the rest of the world does.

Daniel Montgomery: Dang, “Squid Game” taking both individual acting awards, and this one against a solo “Succession” nominee. I wonder if they can clean sweep this with an ensemble win. That would make them four-for-four

Kevin Jacobsen: SQUID SWEEP

BEST TV DRAMA ACTRESS: Jung Ho-yeon (“Squid Game”)

Daniel Montgomery: Oh I’m so happy for Lee Jung-jae!

Jeffrey Kare: WHOA!

BEST TV DRAMA ACTOR: Lee Jung-jae (“Squid Game”)

Kevin Jacobsen: I think Juno Temple was the only Ted Lasso actor in person? What if they just had her accept on the stage all alone

Charlie Bright: The show reached a weird moment when Hannah Waddingham appeared to eat presenters Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino.


Joyce Eng: This show peaked with the Post-Its

Charlie Bright: Why is there no mention of this being a Romy and Michelle reunion?

Daniel Montgomery: I was also today years old when I realized this is the 25th anniversary of “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”

Charlie Bright: Jean looks like she’s blossoming out of her dress LIKE SHE SHOULD!

Luca Giliberti: Jean Smart deserves all the standing Os in the world.

Kevin Jacobsen: Jean Smart gets another standing ovation after her Emmy win! You love to see it.

BEST TV COMEDY ACTRESS: Jean Smart (“Hacks”)

Daniel Montgomery: I was today years old when I learned Mireille Enos has been married to Alan Ruck for 14 years seeing her now at the “Succession” table.

Jeffrey Kare: Two former Mimi Marquesz’s from “Rent” presenting an award together? Sign me up!

Charlie Bright: Was Jeremy Swift keeping time for Sudeikis’s acceptance speech?

Daniel Montgomery: I kinda miss Jason Sudeikis’s COVID hoodie

BEST TV COMEDY ACTOR: Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”)

Kevin Jacobsen: Ariana DeBose becomes the latest to shout out Lady Gaga in a speech

Jeffrey Kare: After having won Golden Globes, Oscars, and Tonys, Anita in “West Side Story” is now a SAG-winning role

BEST FILM SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Ariana DeBose (“West Side Story”)

David Buchanan: Oscars, you could’ve had Short and Gomez as hosts…

Marcus James Dixon: Martin Short is a national treasure.

Rob Licuria: Troy Kotsur, you just brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you.

Charlie Bright: So happy for Kotsur!

Denton Davidson: Troy Kotsur just became the Oscar frontrunner!


Marcus James Dixon: I wish Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs and Leslie Odom Jr. had done some sort of musical performance to open the show. But they were still pleasant.

Luca Giliberti: That intro and montage could have honestly been a bit more creative.

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