‘American Song Contest’ episode 6 semi-finalists ranked: All 11 songs and performances from worst to best

American Song Contest” continued its premiere season with Episode 6 on Monday, April 25. Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg host the NBC reality TV competition that showcased 11 semi-finalists hoping to continue on. So which state or region outshined the rest? Below, read our rankings for Season 1 Episode 5 from worst to best.

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Representatives from each of the 50 states, five US territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands) and the District of Columbia will take part in this round-robin tournament to find the best original song in America.

Each locale will be showcased with an original song that will be performed by a home-grown talent, be it a solo singer, duet or band. There will be three rounds: the first five weeks will be qualifiers followed by two semi-finals and the final. Voting will be by both fans and “a jury of music industry professional.”

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“American Song Contest” has reached the more complicated and selective stage of competition. The jury vote still is a factIn all fairness guys, I didn’t say it was extremely complicated.

Since we have seen the original performances and have our opinions on the songs, my rankings are now based on if the song held up after a couple of weeks and if the performance had improved, remained the same, or was less impressive than the initial performance. So without further ado, here are my rankings.

11) Wyoming (Ryan Charles – “New Boot Goofin”): There is no denying that this is the song of the season (so far) that has become the most popular. Saying that, it still feels very cringeworthy to watch as a performance. The only change was in wardrobe with Ryan sporting his Joey Tribbiani cowboy outfit. Honestly, I do not see this song advancing to the finale at all since the initial performance had more impact.

10) Alabama (Ni/Co – “The Difference”): What can I say that I did not say the first time about this song? Not much, since it still strikes me as being really awkwardly written. Nothing outside of wardrobe was altered for the second performance. In the end, this song needed something…anything to just stand out. Hate to say it, but it was better the first time around.

9) Montana (Jonah Prill – “Fire It Up”): Jonah was one of the artists that altered a lot in his second performance, which resulted in some positives and negatives. On the plus side, his energy level was great and showing off muscles like Shawn Mendes at the VMAs is sure to get him some additional votes. On the negative side, the alterations to the set were not as striking as the first performance. Overall, a commendable effort but I am iffy on his chances on advancing.

8) Massachusetts (Jared Lee – “Shameless”): The shoutout from the triple threat that is Donnie Wahlberg was my favorite part of the night. Saying that, nothing was altered nor was anything improved upon. He was exactly on par with his performance in his first week, but with some downgrades in the performances of other contestants, he might have a shot at making it to the next round based on social media reaction and the possibility of votes from a certain boy band’s fan base. Never underestimate Blockheads…ever.

7) New Hampshire (Mari – “Fly”): Mari’s second performance of this song just felt like a déjà vu situation with a larger wig and a different dress. Her voice was on par with her last performance, but the performance of it all was improved since we last saw her, so there was improvement.

6) Colorado (Riker Lynch – “Feel the Love”): In a case of a performance being largely unaltered and not leveling up in any manner or form, Riker lit up the crowd once more with his island vibes and over-the-top energy. I think his fan base has the potential to advance him into the finale, but it might be a slim chance. All things considered, I really hope we get a Riker Lynch solo career like we had with Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas.

5) Oklahoma (AleXa – “Wonderland): The second case of déjà vu that proved to be extremely successful, AleXa did everything from the first performance but with even more energy. There is something about this particular song that just screams radio ready to me, still. The question remains if it will be AleXa or another artist that will take it there, since I am sure that a record label looking for K-pop hits would love to have her on the payroll in some capacity.

4) Washington (Allen Stone – “A Bit of Both”): I will preface this by saying that Allen Stone received the jury vote so we WILL be seeing him in the finale for sure, so my thoughts on his performance this week are not exactly on par with the jury apparently. His incredible vocals and performance ability are excellent, which I expected. What I wanted more of was anything to make the stage pop, since he is very low key in general.

3) Rhode Island (Hueston – “Held On Too Long”): Hueston managed to improve upon his initial performance. Saying that, not much had changed from the first performance to this one. Yet, there was no denying that I think he sounded the best vocally out of anyone the entire night and I think he should sail through to the finale.

2) Kentucky (Jordan Smith – “Sparrow”): Jordan Smith may have topped the leaderboard on his first week, but shockingly went down one spot this week. The production design of the performance had a few minor changes, but what remained unchanged as Jordan’s incredible vocals and song. I still think he is at least top three when all is said and done at the finale. This was the first case of déjà vu that worked this week.

1) Michigan (Ada LeAnn – “Natalie”): The transformation into Taylor Swift is starting to become more evident. It’s like they stuck her in the machine from the first “Captain America” film and instead of abs, she received a complete Swift makeover. Again, she sounded amazing, which surprised me when it came to her final ranking of the night. I think she will be in the finale.

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