‘America’s Got Talent’: Heidi Klum accuses Rubik’s Cube genius Ethan Jan of being a ‘robot’

During the June 21 episode of “America’s Got Talent‘s” 17th season, the judges meet a 17-year-old named Ethan Jan from Redlands, CA. The teenager begins by telling the panelists he has no idea what he wants to do after he graduates high school. Then, he kindly asks if he can come down to the “front desk” to do a “quick Rubik’s Cube act” in front of them. Even though he’s a bit nervous, Ethan instructs the judges to “scramble up” the cubes that are in front of them on the desk. After all of the cubes are probably scrambled, his eye-popping performance begins.

First, Ethan unscrambles Simon Cowell‘s cube in a manner of seconds. Then, he fixes Sofia Vergara‘s cube with only one hand and behind his back. While juggling those two bricks with one hand, he unscrambles Heidi Klum‘s cube with his free hand. As if that wasn’t good enough, he “takes it to the next level” by jumping onto a unicycle and riding around the stage juggling the colored toys at the same time he fixes Howie Mandel‘s remaining one.

Ethan does a power pose at the end of his Rubik’s Cube act, as the “AGT” judges watch with their mouths open in shock. Needless to say, they are impressed. Here are their full comments:

Sofia Vergara: “That was so surprising because I thought when I met you that you were not very excited for what you were going to do. Now you’re transforming in front of us. That was amazing. That was flawless. It was super fun.”

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Simon Cowell: “He’s a genius, that’s what he is … It was showmanship as well.”

Heidi Klum: “I don’t think he’s a real human … The Rubik’s Cube doesn’t in theory sound super exciting. But this was so incredible. I mean, again, I don’t think that there is a human inside of you. You’re probably a robot because your eyes were like [laser sounds]. It was incredible what you’ve just done.”

Howie Mandel: “What you did was truly amazing. I love how you underplayed it and then you just dazzled us. So we are gonna vote. I would like to start off with the first yes.”

The other judges soon follow and give Ethan four “yes” votes, which means he’ll next be seen in the Judge Cuts round of “AGT” Season 17. Do YOU think he has what it takes to win the entire show? Sound off down in the comments section.

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