Testa proves to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges that he’s a cut above the rest [WATCH]

Night 4 of auditions on “America’s Got Talent” season 17 continued on June 21 with another slate of audition performances from acts vying for this year’s $1 million prize. Host Terry Crews was back in the theater with series judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel for a fourth week of round 1 auditions. Though the judges are always ready for what comes their way, they may not have been fully prepared for what Testa achieved with four knives. Watch the full audition in the video above.

Testa prefaced his audition by saying that he “explores the limit of the body” in his danger act and that no one does what he does. He said that he’s willing to risk his own life because it’s “really important to have [his] own show” and that if it goes wrong, he’ll die. As is true of most danger acts, the judges did not understand exactly why Testa would put his life at risk, but allowed him to audition anyway.

As soon as he started proving how sharp the four knives he had on stage actually were, the judges knew that they’d have to cover their eyes to what they were about to see. After setting all four knives in the form of a staircase, Testa rested a whole apple on one of the knives and then pushed it down with his foot. After heating the bottom of his feet on a flame he proceeded to climb the stair of knives, amazingly without a single cut to his body. He followed that outrageous trick up with an even scarier one: suspending himself in the air by the blade of a knife by nothing but his neck!

After the screaming and shielding of their eyes, the judges joined the crowd in a standing ovation, enthused by the fright of it all. Sofia said that she has a love-hate relationship with danger acts, but because it gave her “all those feelings” it was “amazing.” Heidi said she loved it because it was “something new” and Howie called it a thrill because there was “no respite from being terrified.” Naturally, Simon asked what Testa could possibly do next, to which the reply was “Oh, there’s much more.” Giving him the fourth vote to go through to the next round, Simon said “You have four people who want to see you torture yourself more.”

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