‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ episode 2 recap: Who went home after frantic idol search?

The second episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” followed a similar trajectory to the season premiere, with the Blue (Water) team winning the reward competition and the Red (Blood) team taking the immunity challenge. (That meant Red tribe member Sandra Diaz-Twine was safe yet again.) In the end, someone got their torch snuffed thanks in part to their BFF in the game refusing to save them with their brand new idol — talk about drama!

Read our “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” episode 2 recap below. This episode aired February 1, 2022 on Network 10 and 10play on demand.

1. Fallout from the first vote.
After the elimination of Andrew “Andy” Meldrum, his sister Kate Tatham was heartbroken. However, she made sure to tell Andy’s Blue tribe members that they made a mistake because he would have been an asset to them in puzzle and throwing challenges. Back at the Red camp, Kate was now seen as an outcast by her fellow players, being that she no longer had her plus-one in the game. If her tribe loses next week, she’s on the chopping block, for sure.

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2. Reward challenge.
The Blue team dominated the reward challenge, a climbing battle that required two people from each tribe to try to ascend a rope ladder and grab a flag before their opponents did. The standout in the challenge was Khanh Ong, who succeeded even as his pants were being pulled down. Host Jonathan LaPaglia then asked the victors if they wanted to keep all of their loot, and they decided to keep one half (the fishing supplies) and bequeath the other half (the comfort items) to the Red tribe in a show of good faith.

3. Immunity challenge.
This was a grueling competition in which the teams had to bring six barrels through a series of obstacles and then eventually roll them down a ramp to knock down three vases. The Blue team was in the lead for nine-tenths of the challenge, until the pointy end when Jesse Hansen of the Red tribe had much better accuracy at rolling his barrels into the poles. Thus, the Blood group won their second straight immunity challenge, keeping them all safe from tribal council.

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4. Frantic idol search.
Briana Goodchild knew she was on the outs because of her feud with Christina “Chrissy” Zaremba, so she looked high and low for a hidden immunity idol to save herself. But it was her buddy Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie who found one high up in a tree. Shay used the provided bar and hook to try to snatch up the idol, but she wasn’t able to succeed on her own. That’s when Briana and Khanh helped her out, with Khanh ultimately retrieving the idol and kindly handing it over to Shay (because he didn’t want Briana to have it). Later, Khanh and Alanna “Nina” Twine tried to convince Shay not to use the idol on Briana because that would just put a huge target on her back.

5. Tribal council.
Amazingly, Shay not only kept the idol for herself, but she also cast her vote with the majority and eliminated Briana from the game. That was a smart move since it kept Shay in the good graces of the majority and didn’t ruffle any feathers. Briana went home with a 9-2 vote over Chrissy, with only Briana and Mark Wales voting for Chrissy. In her parting words, Briana thought Khanh was “running the show” and expressed hope that her father, David Goodchild, would “Stay in there, Dad! Do it for me!”

Twenty-two castaways remain in the game. Who will be voted out next?

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