‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ episode 3 recap: Who makes epic oopsie at tribal council?

The third episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” began with King Khanh (aka “MasterChef” alum Khanh Ong) and former contestant Mark Wales joining forces to create a secret alliance. But this episode will most definitely be remembered for one man’s epic oopsie at tribal council, in which he threw someone under the bus who had been adamantly trying to save him. Yikes!

Below, read our “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” Episode 3 recap, which aired February 2, 2022 on Network 10 and 10play on demand. (Also check out our recaps for Episode 1 and Episode 2.)

1. David plots.
“If I find out someone is after me, forget it, it’s over for you,” warns Sandra Diaz-Twine at the top of the episode. “I don’t forgive, I don’t forget.” In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening on the other side of the camp, as David Goodchild is trying to rally the troops to get rid of the “Survivor” Queen should his Red tribe lose immunity. Coincidentally, Sandra is also starting to plant the seeds to eliminate David, calling him a “fish out of water.” Later, upon discovering that his daughter Briana Goodchild had been voted out, the sad dad tells host Jonathan LaPaglia he’s “super surprised” and that he would now personally make it his own dream to win the show for Briana.

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2. Reward challenge.
Since the Red tribe has two extra members, they have to sit two people out: Michelle Chiang and (surprise, surprise) Sandra. The Queen has an infamous history of sitting out challenges, so much so that in “Survivor: Winners at War” the sit-out bench was renamed by Parvati Shallow to be the “Sandra Bench.” For this challenge, the two tribes have to bring a collection of heavy sandbags from the water to the sand and pile them up so that they can pull a handle from above. The Red players win the reward, which is a trip to the “Survivor” Storehouse where they can choose from an array of items to make their life at camp easier. Only David gets to visit the store, and he invites King Khanh from the Blue tribe to join him.

3. Super Idol.
At the “Survivor” Storehouse, David takes the fishing nets, nuts and beef jerky. He could have chosen to only take two items and allow Khanh to grab a third, but he opted not to, which frustrates Khanh. But forget all of that drama for a moment. The most important thing that happens at the store is that David and Khanh both get one-half of a Super Idol. If the halves are brought together later in the game, it will activate the power and allow the holder to save himself at tribal council after the votes are read. However, each half alone still acts as a normal idol. Khanh returns to the Blue camp and tells everyone he received a full idol. David, meanwhile, lies to his Red people that he didn’t get an idol, but that Khanh likely did.

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4. Immunity challenge.
In this comp, the tribes have to race through a mud pit and chop down two poles with an axe, then unravel a long chain in order to maneuver a heavy box onto their mat that contains letters they have to unscramble (Blood and Water). The two sit-outs from the Red team are Jay Bruno and Kate Tatham. The Blue tribe takes an early lead and remains out front the entire time. Christina “Chrissy” Zaremba serves as the mouthpiece to help the Water team balance their letters and they end up prevailing, sending the Blood team to tribal council for the first time this season. “Anyone but me,” Sandra giggles in a confessional.

5. Tribal council.
Sandra and Kate’s names are both thrown out at camp, with David leading the charge against them. Ben Watson breaks the news to Sandra that she’s on the chopping block. Ben then informs Michael “Croc” Crocker about the possibility of ousting David instead, but it’s just a matter of getting enough numbers to flip the vote. However, Samantha “Sam” Gash and some of the others want to keep the tribe strong by voting out the Queen and keeping the loyal David. At tribal council, David inexplicably tries to blow up Sam’s game by calling her a “social butterfly,” and she is beyond offended because she was the person who was most fighting for him to stay. Oopsie! Sam then goes around and whispers to everyone individually to vote out David.

After the votes are cast, David stands up and plays his half-idol, which saves his from the vote. Jonathan then reads the votes one by one: David gets eight (none of which count), Kate gets three, Sandra gets one. “I’m off to KFC!” Kate says as she’s eliminated from the game. Twenty-one castaways remain on “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.” Who will be voted out next?

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