‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ episode 4 recap: Sandra sets her sights on Sophie — ‘There’s only one queen’

The fourth episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” began with 21 players still left in the game: 10 on the Blue (Water) tribe and 11 on the Red (Blood) tribe. Who became the fourth person to have their torch snuffed by host Jonathan LaPaglia? Below, read our “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” Episode 4 recap, which aired February 6, 2022 on Network 10 and 10play on demand. (Also check out our recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3.)

1. Aftermath of Kate’s ouster.
Sandra Diaz-Twine starts out the episode by calling the previous tribal council a “hot mess.” “It was between a s*** show and a three-ring circus,” she says about David Goodchild saving himself with an idol, resulting in Kate Tatham going home. She blasts David’s grenade-throwing performance at tribal, saying that’s not how you’re supposed to play the game of “Survivor.” For his part, David knows he messed up and will now spend time trying to “rebuild trust” with his fellow players, especially Samantha “Sam” Gash. Sam’s goal is to throw so much shade on David that it hides the fact she is strategizing as this season’s “social butterfly.”

2. King Khanh.
At the Blue tribe, chef Khanh Ong smiles that he’s in charge of the game because he has an idol and close bonds with several other players. But he has no idea there is an alliance forming to try to get him out. Mark Wales tells his group that they have to blindside Khanh, because if they strike against the king and fail, they will be “cooked.”

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3. Reward challenge.
Before the reward challenge, David gives a secret signal (removing his hat) to show Khanh that his idol was played. Alanna “Nina” Twine admits she’s “super relieved” that her mother made it through the night. The tribe who wins this mud-battling reward comp will get a “morning tea” set featuring croissants, butter, jam and coffee. First up to duke it out in the muddy water is Mark vs. Michael “Croc” Crocker, with Mark reaching his rope first, giving Blue one point. Next up is Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie vs. Sam (Sam wins for Red), followed by Josh Millgate vs. Jordan Schmidt (Jordan wins for Red), then Nina vs. Sandra (Nina wins for Blue), and finally Khanh vs. Jesse Hansen (Jesse wins for Red). Thus, the Red team wins reward. They are allowed to choose one person from Blue to join them, and they pick Shay, aka Ben Watson‘s girlfriend.

4. Shay visits.
Shay and Ben reunite at the Red camp, and then she gives updates about all of their loved ones over on the Blue tribe. Sophie Cachia talks about how she’s a natural born leader and that she has a tight foursome with the “alpha males” (Ben, Croc and Jordan). Sam reveals she had no intentions of bringing Mark over for a visit since they both need to play their own games. The Blue people give Shay a goodbye song and she tears up. Sandra is totally onto Sophie’s rookie alliance and hints that she might be a better person to vote out than David.

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5. Immunity challenge.
This immunity comp requires the players to work together to open a heavy gate, releasing a boat that they have to use to retrieve 15 puzzle pieces out in the water. The teams are evenly matched until the Red boat goes off course, allowing the Blue boat to grab their puzzle pieces first. Jonathan yells at the Red team they need to go faster because this is “not a day at the beach.” The puzzle is actually a self-supporting arch, so it requires some engineering in order to get the pieces to stay in place. Both teams struggle with the arch, but eventually Blue wins immunity, sending Red back to tribal council. In a twist, Jonathan reveals that Blue will still be attending tribal council as witnesses.

6. Tribal council.
Prior to tribal, it seems like a foregone conclusion that David will be going home, with Sophie going around and confirming with everyone. Sandra calls Sophie the “puppet master,” saying it’s way too early in the game for someone to take charge. “There’s only one queen,” she states unequivocally. Sandra uses Amy Ong as her mouthpiece to try to rally the votes against Sophie — that way, Sandra remains in the shadows and won’t get caught. At tribal council, with the Blue tribe eavesdropping, a lot of the talk centers around David’s wild outbursts from the previous episode. With 11 players, it only takes six votes to send someone home. Jonathan reads the votes: David, David, David, David, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. Queen Sandra strikes again! Sophie is beyond shocked, but Jonathan tells her she’ll actually be joining the Blue tribe. Thus, no one is eliminated tonight.

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