‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ episode 6 recap: Amy’s idol wreaks havoc with Sandra’s plan

The sixth episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” began with 20 players still left in the game: 10 on the Blue (Water) tribe (after Alex Frost quit) and 10 on the Red (Blood) tribe. So who became the next person to have their torch snuffed by host Jonathan LaPaglia? Below, read our “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” Episode 6 recap, which aired February 8, 2022 on Network 10 and 10play on demand. (Also check out our recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5.)

1. The kid and the wicked witch.
It’s Day 13 at the Red camp, and 22-year-old Jesse Hansen jokes around with his tribe and reveals they have a nickname for him: “the kid.” He hopes he can use his playfulness to advance him far into the game. Meanwhile, over at the Blue camp, Sophie Cachia calls herself the “wicked witch of the outback” because her tribe(s) just can’t seem to get rid of her. Even though she’s safe, she knows she’s on the bottom. Sophie’s best plan is to try to work with “King” Khanh Ong, who has an idol in his pocket. But he declares there’s “no chance” that’ll happen.

2. Two week reflection.
Sandra Diaz-Twine reflects on her time in the game so far, saying she “can’t believe” she’s made it two weeks down under. The two-time American winner thanks “Survivor” for giving her more than she ever could have had on her own, including sending her daughter Alanna “Nina” Twine to college. The now-47-year-old has her sights set on a third victory and she claims she knows what it takes to get there, but the “Day 16 curse” is looming. The last two times she played, her tribe lost immunity on that day and voted her out. Sandra is gunning to eliminate David Goodchild because he wrote her name down. “You’re looking for trouble and you’re gonna find it,” the Queen warns him in front of everyone. However, Amy Ong and Jay Bruno don’t want David to go home, but instead target Sandra. Sandra then tips off the alpha males — Michael “Croc” Crocker, Jordan Schmidt and Ben — that Amy wants to split them up. Ooo, this is getting juicy!

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3. Reward challenge.
Prior to today’s competition, Jay reacts to finding out that his brother-in-law Alex quit the game because of his bad back. “I’m really proud of him,” Jay states through tears. The reward challenge requires sets of three tribe mates to battle in water to retrieve a ball and pass it to someone at the top of their ramp. The winning tribe wins club sandwiches and juice. Blue wins the first point, followed by Blue again, then Red, and finally Blue with the winning point.

4. Sandwich time.
As the Blue tribe enjoys their club sandwiches, Mark starts talking game. He thinks it’s “super risky” to go after Khanh when Sophie is such a “volatile player.” Mark flips over the sandwich table to see if there’s a clue underneath, but it’s empty. Meanwhile, the Red team knows it’s the immunity challenge that really matters. Many of them go on an idol hunt, with Amy, Sam and Michelle Chiang eventually finding a red pole. Amy is the first to discover a hidden immunity idol high up in the tree, using the pole to bring it down.

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5. Immunity challenge.
The tribes arrive for the immunity challenge, where five people have to swim through the water and climb up a net in order to retrieve balls. The other five members have to shoot the balls into their baskets. The teams are evenly matched at first, but then Khanh runs out of steam on the swim back, allowing Sam to pass him. Sandra has trouble throwing the ball, earning bad looks from her Red tribe. Croc nearly doesn’t make it up the rope ladder, further putting Red behind. Nina scores the final shot, winning the game for Blue. Meanwhile, the medics are checking on Croc, who is having trouble breathing, but he perseveres.

6. Scrambling.
Sandra says it’s “okay” her Red tribe lost because David will be going home: “I’m ready to send him packing.” Sandra wrangles the alpha males and Sam recruits Jesse, so it seems like a done deal. However, Amy is ready to make a big move against the Queen, with Jay and David trying to rally the troops. Michelle reveals to Sandra that she saw Amy find the idol (!) and all of a sudden everything changes. “I’m not happy with that,” Sandra declares. The new plan is to try to flush out Amy’s idol by throwing votes on both Amy and on Jay. Jordan then pulls Amy aside as a friend and tells her she needs to use her idol tonight.

7. Tribal council.
At tribal, Sandra tells Jonathan she knows she is getting votes. But how many? Amy begrudgingly admits she has an idol, and that’s shocking news to Jay and David, aka her closest allies. Jonathan asks if anyone wants to play their idol and Amy stands up, playing it for herself. Jonathan reads the votes: Amy, Amy, Amy, Sandra, Sandra, Sandra, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay. Wow, what a close one! Jay has been eliminated from the game. He tells Sandra, “Good work,” and then says his goodbyes.

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