‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ episode 8 recap: Did KJ vote out her sister Sophie?

The eighth episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” began with 18 players still left in the game: nine on the Red (Blood) tribe (after Sandra Diaz-Twine was eliminated) and nine on the Blue (Water) tribe. So who became the next castaway to have their torch snuffed by host Jonathan LaPaglia? Below, read our “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” Episode 8 recap, which aired February 14, 2022 on Network 10 and 10play on demand. (Also check out our recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.)

After the recent tribe swap, the new Red tribe consists of: Amy Ong, David Goodchild, Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie, Jordie Hansen, Melissa “Mel” Chiang, Alanna “Nina” Twine, Jordan Schmidt, Josh Millgate and Mark Wales.

And the new Blue tribe castaways are: Michelle Chiang, Jesse Hansen, Khanh Ong, Ben Watson, Samantha “Sam” Gash, Sophie Cachia, Kate “KJ” Austin, Christina “Chrissy” Zaremba and Michael “Croc” Crocker.

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1. Day 17.
At the Red camp, Nina “can’t believe” she wrote her mom’s name down last night, but she wanted to go along with the majority. She decided to play strategically rather than with her emotions, saying she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nina hopes her choice will add to her resume and prove her loyalty. Jordie, aka “the joker,” brags about being the “mastermind” behind Sandra’s ouster, claiming he wanted “her scalp.” The alpha males now have their sights set on taking out Mel.

2. Sophie drama.
Over on the Blue tribe, Khanh and Sam are killing time by pretending to be on a cooking TV show. Sam notes there is “unease” with Sophie still in the game, likening her to a “squatter” who won’t leave. After Sophie comes up on KJ and Sam whispering, she starts to get paranoid that maybe her sister is gunning for her. “My sister is sleeping with the enemy, and it hurts,” Sophie announces.

3. Immunity challenge.
When the tribes meet, the Blue players are shocked to see Sandra gone. Nina pretends not to care, saying she’s here to play her own game. The immunity challenge requires people to stand side-by-side while holding discs between their hands. Since Sam and Mark have played this challenge before, they give advice to their own tribes about how to best maneuver the discs. Jonathan calls out Chrissy for already looking like she’s in pain (lol). Red drops two discs right away, followed by Blue dropping two. In the end, it comes down to Chrissy & KJ for Blue and Mark & Jordan and David & Jordie for Red. The girls drop their disc, making the Red tribe the winners of the challenge.

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4. Scrambling.
Sam really, really wants Sophie out of this game. She starts rallying the troops and floats the idea of putting some votes on KJ in case Sophie finds an idol. Ben and Sophie have their own chat about sending home Khanh because he definitely has an idol. Croc wants to flush Khanh’s idol, but his ultimate goal is to send home Sophie. Chrissy says all of the different plans are a “hot mess” and is admittedly nervous that she will mess everything up. Sophie outcasts herself when she starts searching for an idol, and KJ breaks down because she’s in a “tricky position” — will she vote out her own sister?

5. Tribal council.
At tribal, Chrissy announces there were lots of plans thrown around at camp. Khanh knows he’s a target because of his idol and expects to receive votes tonight. Sophie says she’s proven her loyalty and her “morals are in tact.” When Sam and Sophie get into a fight about who lies the most, a “rattled” KJ tries to stop her sister. The discussion switches to idols, with KJ declaring she could be going home tonight if multiple idols end up being played. Everyone votes (yes, KJ writes her sister’s name down!) and then Jonathan asks if anyone wants to play an idol — no takers. Jonathan reads the votes: Sophie, Sophie, KJ, KJ, Khanh, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. For the second time, Sophie has been voted out.

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